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The Best Advice for Your IT Career That You’ve Never Heard

July 20th, 2014

Most IT professionals are aware of the standard career advice.  How to be professional, how to make sure their work is recognized, etc.  However, the best career advice IT consultants can get, the advice that will make sure IT recruiters are always chasing them and they have their pick of IT jobs, is the advice very few people know.  Below are a few pieces of advice that will get the attention of technical recruiters, fellow IT contractors, and keep their resumes growing.

1. Think outside of your job description.  The best job employees aren’t the ones that can handle their job descriptions.  Employers value the ones who can stretch to meet other unexpected needs for the company.

2. Performance is important, but attitude is just as important, if not more.  Entitlement, rudeness and pessimism can all hurt even the best performer.  If you’re not easy to work with, people won’t trouble themselves to work with you for long.

3. Think from your boss’s perspective.  Always try to keep his or her priorities and values in mind.  Consider his problems and do your best to aid him in dealing with them.  This kind of effort will make you a hot commodity with IT staffing firms.

IT professional who thinks outside his job description

IT recruiters are always looking for IT professionals who think outside their job descriptions.

Are You Messing Up This IT Job Interview Question?

July 17th, 2014

Most IT professionals who search with IT recruiters for their IT jobs are pretty well prepared for interviews.  With all the potential questions- technical and not, technical recruiters usually have lengthy conversations with IT consultants before interviews.   But there are some questions that IT professionals need to prep themselves for: the tricky ones that IT managers may throw out to get the info they don’t want to ask for explicitly.  Here’s one question you may be messing up and not even know it:  How Did You Make Time for this Interview Today?

At first glance, it’s pretty straightforward.  You could easily say you ducked out at lunch, asked for a vacation day, etc.  The point of this question, though (especially in the world of IT contractors who often jump IT jobs more often than other fields might) is to gauge your reliability and loyalty to employers.

If you’re looking to move on, it’s best to highlight that you’re not leaving your current employer in a lurch.  Maybe your contract is ending and your boss knows you’re leaving.  Perhaps you intend to put in plenty of notice and to help find your replacement.  Take this moment to highlight the fact that you care about your current employer and you’lll be a great, reliable, loyal employee to future employers.  It may just get you the job!


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Are you ready to answer this tough interview question?

Is Your IT Team Overworked? How to Fix it.

July 13th, 2014

Sometimes in information technology, a team’s workload is unrelenting.  Perhaps there are just too many top-priority projects and too few IT consultants on staff to finish them.  How can IT managers delegate to the IT contractors reporting to them even if their plates are already full?  Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Show your appreciation for the work your IT professionals do and show an understanding of their current workload.  Even if you can’t ease it, sometimes it’s effective to just acknowledge that somebody is working very hard and, more importantly, you know it and appreciate it.
  2. Reconsider priorities and assignments.  Sometimes shifting projects around, possibly even from employee to employee, will make IT jobs a lot more do-able.
  3. Lastly, consider calling your local IT staffing firms.  You may need to think about hiring more staff—either permanently or for the short-term.  Your employees should always have room for things like sick days and vacations and they should ideally be far from burnout level.  Adding more staff is sometimes the solution for this.

Is your team swamped? You can still delegate to them.



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