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IT Security Jobs- More Important Than Ever

October 20th, 2014

In early October the importance of security in the information technology field became strikingly clear when JP Morgan announced that they’d been hacked.  While IT recruiters, IT staffing companies, and IT contractors have long been aware of the possibility of the major damage hacking could incur, this particular attack was epic in the damage it will and has already wrought.  It’s also troubling to know that JP Morgan Chase wasn’t the only company that was infiltrated—apparently 9 other companies were also hacked by the same group.

If there is any silver lining to be found in this terrible circumstance, perhaps it will bring urgency to corporate America, IT consultants, IT recruiting firms, and prospective IT professionals in building a stronger IT security presence to protect our country’s data.  Clearly more IT jobs focused on security are needed- and fast.  Hopefully this event will inspire people to create, fill, and prepare to fill those jobs in the future so we never have to experience such a terrible attack again.


JP Morgan’s attack has made it very clear how important security is in IT.

New Benefits for IT Professionals

October 17th, 2014

Since IT consultants change IT jobs a bit more frequently than most other professionals, they definitely spend more time comparing benefits.  Recently, a company in the information technology field has started offering a bold, innovative benefit: pre-cation.  What makes pre-cation different from anything IT recruiters, IT staffing firms, and IT contractors have seen before?  It puts more faith into new hires.  42Floors, the company offering this benefit, basically grants a paid vacation before new hires start, so they can be fully recharge and refreshed on their first day of work.

While IT recruiting companies, technical recruiters, and IT professionals may be quick to dismiss this benefit as too good to be true, it’s actually exactly what a benefit should be.  Benefits are meant to make employees happy.  Happy employees are the ones who work hard and contribute the most to their companies. So will pre-cation become more popular?  Only time will tell, but it’s a good lesson to other IT companies: awesome benefits attract and keep awesome employees.


Will pre-cation become a new standard in the IT world? Probably not, but it’s a good example of excellent benefits offered to employees.

Information Technology Hiring Projected To Increase This Quarter

October 15th, 2014

While the information technology field has still certainly kept afloat in the past recessions, it looks like things are about to get even better for IT consultants, IT recruiters, and IT managers.  Recent projections show a probably uptick in hiring IT contractors for this quarter.  What should IT professionals do with this information?  Act on it!

If you’re looking for new IT jobs, or have even vaguely considered the possibility, now is the time to make yourself available to technical recruiters and IT staffing firms.  Polish up your resumes and contact your favorite IT headhunters today.  Even if hiring takes a week or month to actually pick up, you’ll be ready when it does.


Even if you’re only starting to ponder a job change, it’s time to start! The IT job market is heating up, so take advantage of it.

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