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IT’s Future: Is it in China?

October 24th, 2014

The information technology industry in the US is booming, with plenty of opportunity for IT recruiters, IT staffing companies, and IT consultants.  However, future US IT jobs may involve another country: China. As one of the largest IT companies in the US, LinkedIn, has recently shown, it’s possible to work with China and all its differences in laws and regulations.

Some companies, like Facebook and Twitter, have had some serious problems doing business in China.  Their refusal to follow Chinese protocol has resulted in either roadblocks that make it hard for their IT consultants to do their work, or out and out blockages.  Companies like LinkedIn have had to make some hard choices about how to deal with China in business—while there are certainly plenty of issues that would make it easy to dismiss as new ground for growth, China’s financial power and potential is too hard to ignore.  It may be that IT recruiters and IT staffing firms find a need for Chinese speakers sooner than they ever anticipated they would.


Is China the next frontier for IT growth?

Schools: New Partners in Fixing the IT Consultant Shortage

October 22nd, 2014

The information technology industry in the US has had a dearth of talent for a long time.  The story of too many IT jobs and not enough IT consultants to fill them is a familiar one to most companies, IT recruiters, and IT staffing firms in the US.  Some companies are working on new solutions to deal with this problem and to ensure more IT contractors in the future.

Though it’s a long-term investment, some companies are working with educational institutions to sponsor programs that will help graduate young professionals with resumes ready for the IT world.  There are still plenty of sticky issues, like making sure these programs are not only good for the companies, but good for the students.  However, these programs are a good start to dealing with a big problem.  As time goes on, technical recruiters and IT recruiting companies will only have more jobs to fill.  If schools become one more ally in the work of expanding our IT workforce, all the better!


Schools may become big players in creating a bigger IT workforce for the future.

IT Security Jobs- More Important Than Ever

October 20th, 2014

In early October the importance of security in the information technology field became strikingly clear when JP Morgan announced that they’d been hacked.  While IT recruiters, IT staffing companies, and IT contractors have long been aware of the possibility of the major damage hacking could incur, this particular attack was epic in the damage it will and has already wrought.  It’s also troubling to know that JP Morgan Chase wasn’t the only company that was infiltrated—apparently 9 other companies were also hacked by the same group.

If there is any silver lining to be found in this terrible circumstance, perhaps it will bring urgency to corporate America, IT consultants, IT recruiting firms, and prospective IT professionals in building a stronger IT security presence to protect our country’s data.  Clearly more IT jobs focused on security are needed- and fast.  Hopefully this event will inspire people to create, fill, and prepare to fill those jobs in the future so we never have to experience such a terrible attack again.


JP Morgan’s attack has made it very clear how important security is in IT.

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