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A Surprising IT Job Interview Mistake

August 26th, 2015

Most IT professionals dread being asked about their weaknesses in interviews for IT jobs.  It’s often far more difficult to answer these questions, even if your IT recruiters and IT staffing companies have helped you prep for it.  Many technical recruiters and IT recruiting agencies have seen people give a lot of bad answers to this question because there’s some bad advice about it.  Specifically, if you want to really make your IT recruiting firms, IT staffing agencies and interviewers cringe, list a thinly veiled strength as a weakness (ie say your biggest weakness is that you’re a perfectionist, a workaholic, etc).

Why shouldn’t you answer weakness questions this way in interviews?  Firstly, giving an answer like this makes you seem unprofessional and ill prepared.  Many IT professionals have heard this bad advice before.  However, the well-prepared, experienced ones know enough not to answer weakness questions with a strength.  Secondly, giving a strength and trying to disguise it as a weakness doesn’t help your interviewer.  They genuinely want to know about you as an employee.  If you obstruct that process, you’re probably going to turn them off, if not completely ruin your chances of getting the job.  Lastly, you’ll miss a chance to add effectively to your candidacy.  Answer the weakness question with a real weakness that you can demonstrate you’re working on, one that wouldn’t impair your ability to do the job well.  Through your perseverance and problem-solving strategies, you could really impress your interviewers, IT recruiting companies and IT staffing firms!

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Don’t be afraid to talk about a real weakness in interviews!



IT Professionals Are Still Making This Mistake on Their IT Resumes!

August 24th, 2015

Despite the fact that many IT staffing companies and IT recruiting firms warn against it, IT professionals are still starting their resumes with objectives.  Worse, many IT recruiting agencies and IT staffing firms come across resumes with vague objectives that list qualities like ‘team-player’ or ‘thinks outside of the box.’  These objectives don’t even tell technical recruiters, IT staffing companies, or hiring managers anything useful about the candidate.  If you’re actually concerned about deleting your objective on your resume, IT recruiters and IT staffing agencies appreciate a brief, well-worded summary.  Focus on listing your major technical skills, how much experience you have in the field, and any major achievements in your career.  If you construct a brief, fact-oriented, concise summary, IT recruiting companies will b much more able to sell your candidacy to hiring managers.

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The IT professionals who get the job aren’t wasting resume space with vague objectives.

Don’t Stall Your IT Job Search With This Mistake

August 21st, 2015

Perfecting your IT resume to attract IT recruiting companies and IT staffing firms can be daunting.  You want to achieve the best balance of including experience and skills that IT recruiters and IT staffing agencies want to see, all while keep the resume clean and as brief as possible.  So if you’ve spent hours agonizing over polishing the perfect resume to attract IT staffing companies and IT recruiting agencies, don’t let it go to waste by making this little mistake: leaving off adequate contact info.

It’s easy to see why some people might think it’s best to avoid giving too much contact info on their resume. There are certainly reasons that people want to make it harder to contact them.  However, if you don’t give adequate contact information, technical recruiters will assume you’re not serious about looking for IT jobs.  It’s best to at least give your phone number and an email address.  Ideally, a link to your LinkedIn profile is helpful, too.  Once you are working with IT recruiting firms that you trust, you can take your resume down.  This will help you avoid unnecessary exposure.

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Wait! You’re not done posting your resume if you haven’t added an email address, phone number, and maybe a link to your LinkedIn profile.

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