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Why You Need to Ask Good Questions in IT Job Interviews

April 24th, 2015

Most IT recruiters and IT staffing companies will tell you that you need to come to your interviews ready to ask a few questions.  The candidates IT staffing companies and technical recruiters have an easy time placing in IT jobs are the ones who come to interviews with plenty of relevant questions. Ever wonder why?

The reason IT staffing agencies and IT recruiting firms need people to have questions on hand for interviews is because it demonstrates that they are trying to find the best job for them.  No hiring manager wants to hire somebody who is just looking for the first job they get offered.  This usually results in a poor fit—either in terms of skill or culture.  When IT professionals ask well thought out questions that are clearly relevant to them, hiring managers know they’re seriously considering how much they’d succeed and enjoy the job.  So for your next interview, prepare a few questions, possibly with the help of your IT recruiting agencies. It may win you the job.



IT job interviews

Ever wondered why you need to ask questions in IT interviews? It’s important!

Use This Helpful Tip in Your Next IT Job Interview

April 22nd, 2015

If you’re in the process of interviewing for IT jobs, your IT recruiters and IT staffing firms are probably helping you prepare.  There are some things IT staffing agencies and IT recruiting companies are taking for granted that you’ll know about going into job interviews.  One of these things your IT recruiting agencies may not even mention in your prep conversations is to avoid clichés. Why avoid clichés?  Business is full of easy clichés that seem like the most efficient, satisfactory way to answer interview questions.  The problem is that clichés don’t mean much to hiring managers anymore.  When everybody uses the same phrases, like ‘nose to the grindstone,’ or ‘work hard, play hard,’ to describe themselves, hiring managers begin to have a hard time believing them.  So what can you do in an interview instead of using clichés? Try to think about what you’ll be saying ahead of time.  Your IT recruiting firms are likely going to give you at least a few of the questions or potential questions you’ll be asked. Practice answering them honestly and without using any buzzwords or clichés.  If you find that you can’t avoid using a cliché, take a moment to admit it.  Then suggest what this means about you.  For instance, if you say you’re a ‘hard worker’ then find a unique anecdote that illustrates your work ethic.  Don’t panic if you do find that you have to use a cliché in a job interview.  However, if you do your best to avoid them, you’ll make an excellent impression on your IT staffing companies and hiring managers.

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Tempted to say something like ‘think outside the box?’ Think again! It could improve your interview performance.

How IT Professionals Should Answer ‘Why Should We Hire You?’

April 17th, 2015

Sometimes in interviews for IT jobs, candidates are given a tough question: Why should we hire you?  The question is very broad and that can be intimidating to IT professionals, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you take a little time to prepare with your IT recruiters and IT staffing firms, you can turn this question into a great opportunity to sell your candidacy.  Here’s how you and your IT staffing agencies can prepare an excellent answer to this kind of question.

Firstly, take a few minutes to talk with your technical recruiters about what’s important to this company—broadly and in this particular role.  Take note if they list a quality or skill that you have and can really demonstrate, especially with a concrete achievement. Practice talking about this skill or quality and giving an anecdote that illustrates it.

Secondly, run through the rest of your accomplishments.   If you want, you can ask your IT recruiting firms for feedback on this part, but this isn’t necessary if you’re a seasoned interviewer.  Pick a few accomplishments that are concretely quantifiable and practice speaking about them.  Think about ways you can connect them to the company you’re interviewing for, and suggesting how these accomplishments are things you might be able to do in this new role.

Lastly, in IT roles, soft skills are actually at a premium.  IT staffing companies are often asked to provide candidates who aren’t just good at the required skills, but also easy and pleasant to work with.  Again, it’s best to be able to illustrate your people skills with (brief) stories or anecdotes.  Find a soft skill or two, illustrate that you have it/them, and you’ve driven home your point.  After hearing these three talking points, Hiring managers will be considering you very seriously and your IT recruiting agencies will be very happy with you!



IT job interviews

Don’t miss this opportunity to sell yourself!

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