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Showing Your IT Recruiter Some Gratitude

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The priority for technical recruiters is to find qualified candidates for their open IT jobs.  Unfortunately, IT people in the IT recruiting industry are often perceived as pushy, money hungry individuals whose main concern is their commission cut.  Working with technical recruiters on a daily basis, one will find this misconception to be far from the truth. 

Successful IT staffing firms earn their keep through communication and research.  Hours extend beyond the typical 9-5 to accommodate candidates’ availability.  IT headhunters do not pry for details to be nosey, they are conducting preliminary screenings to ensure an applicant fits the hiring client’s criteria.  From the countless hours spent sifting and tweeking resumes while also prepping for interviews, a thank you is well deserved! 

The Overlooked IT Recruiter

You may have interviewed with the hiring manager, but remember who helped you along the process.  You are most likely not your technical recruiter’s only candidate.  By the end of the day, he has probably spoken to dozens of existing and prospective applicants.  Let your IT recruiter know his hard work and determination are appreciated!

Make a Lasting Impression While Showing Character

Networking happens to be one of the top ways to secure an IT job in a competitive market.   IT staffing representatives are your gateway to new career opportunities. Maintain a relationship with your IT headhunter and stand out from other candidates with follow up emails and thank you notes.  Thank you’s might seem second nature, but you would be surprise what separates strong applicants from weak applicants.  If your contract should come to an end, he may remember you for upcoming positions.

Going Beyond the Thank You

If your IT recruiter did an outstanding job, why limit your thank you to just him?  Pay it forward and let others know how privileged you were to work with him.  Yelp and Google Places are just some of the ways you can extend your thank you beyond email and phone calls.  Your review can help others land positions and bring in more business for your IT staffing representative!

Putting All Your Technical Eggs in One Basket

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Technology- Friend or Foe

We have all heard the saying that you should not putting all your eggs in one basket.  With technology becoming more advanced and easing the barriers of communication, it is hard to resist the temptation.  Before you upload all your contacts, appointments, and mp3s to your handheld mobile device, consider reading this article on why daily planners and in person meetings are not so obsolete.

Building a Rapport

Smart phones are the jack of all trades, offering internet access in addition to the standard texting and calling features of a regular cell phone.  They allow its user the ease of emailing a client versus calling or sending an informal text.  Face to face meetings between candidates and technical recruiters can ultimately be eliminated with webcam programs such as Skype

While this makes communication instantaneous, IT recruiters Boston sacrifice building a relationship with applicants in the process.  Crucial elements such as tone and demeanor can be misconstrued or a question regarding an IT job that could be answered over the phone in two minutes could take six email threads to finally reach a consensus.  Webcam meetings are ideal only for IT staffing representatives and clients who work great distances apart.  When IT recruiters meets with a candidate for the first time, it should always be face to face.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so why not make it the best impression you can offer?

Losing Your Phone

Whether your phone gets water-logged, crushed, or lost, you will feel a sense of immediate withdrawal if you live by your phone.  Appointments will be lost, contact numbers erased, and, unless you have insurance, you are looking at a pretty penny to replace your mobile device.  Regardless of if it was your fault or not, people who regularly lose or break phones are not considered responsible. 

Imagine receiving a text message from an unknown number, do you really want to risk the embarrassment of asking a prospective client “who is this?”  If you find yourself without a phone, be sure to have a hardcopy contact book to update and keep in touch with clients.  Mark appointments in a separate calendar as well.

Crossing Boundaries

Remember to keep your personal life separate from business.  What looks like emailing during a business meeting could be a candidate playing a game or checking Facebook on his phone.  Stay focused and if necessary, put your smart phone away where you cannot see it or be easily distracted. 

While technical recruiters are practically glued to their phone, they must remember to keep things professional, especially in emails.  Sloppy grammar, abbreviations, and poor spelling habits might be acceptable to their friends, but they must be mindful of the relationship with their clients.

Technology is not necessarily an evil, it just depends on how you use it!

Living a Double Life—The Dishonest Candidate

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Working with technical recruiters should not feel like a controlling relationship.  You do not need to tell them your every move or what you had for lunch.  IT recruiters are not intentionally being nosey when they ask you questions, they are just trying to get an idea of what you want and where you would fit most with IT job openings coming their way.  Telling your technical recruiter that you are not interested, providing constructive feedback, or saying you would prefer to not work with him or her might be difficult, but it actually helps them improve their recruiting tactics in the long run.  The worst thing you can do is lie to your IT staffing representative.   

Previous Employment

Not listing all your experiences, or worse, including positions and titles you have never held is setting yourself up to be shot down.  At first glance you will shine on paper, but you cannot back it up through references or experience and your lies will soon be recognized.  Because you have embellished your information technology skills and misled IT recruiters Boston, the likelihood that he will keep you in mind for other positions is slim.

Lying about why you have left a previous position can come back to haunt you, especially if the hiring company requires an employment verification or the manager happens to know your former employer.  The six degrees of separation are becoming increasingly slim with social networking sites highlighting your relationships to others.  Avoid burning bridges and always end assignments on good terms.

Background Check

Be honest about past convictions or if you are at risk to fail a drug test.  Telling your IT recruiter up front about these issues will save you and your recruiter potential embarrassment and prevent wasted time on a position that you would not have had a chance nabbing.  Your IT staffing company representative might keep you in mind for other positions and will appreciate your honesty.


You might seem to be a catch on paper by sprucing up your resume with technical skills and keywords, but always make sure they pertain to the IT jobs you are applying and you actually have the experience.   Your IT headhunter will ask about your level of skills and how often you practiced them.  If you lie about your experience, it will show in your work.  The project manager might have to let you go if you cannot complete the required tasks, leaving you unemployed with severed ties. 

Applying for Other IT Jobs

When an IT recruiting company representative asks if you are working with other recruiters or applying to other positions, they are not trying to limit your options.  The IT recruiter is looking to make sure you do not get double submitted for an opening.  Being submitted twice for an opening might sound helpful, but it can actually hinder your chances of securing the position because hiring managers will assume you are either careless or your submission was made in error.  Letting IT recruiters know you are actively interviewing shows determination, but also helps the technical recruiter to understand your availability.       

IT staffing firms are not out to scam people, their job is to find the right candidates for open positions.  If working with recruiters does not sound like something that interests you, express your opinion.  The keys to a successful recruiting relationship are communicating and being honest.   

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