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Are You Wasting Space on Your IT Resume?

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Does your IT resume say that you’re a fast learner, a great team player, or that you have an exemplary work ethic?  You may think you’re attracting IT recruiters and IT staffing firms, but you’re really just wasting space on your resume. Why?

Particularly when it comes to attracting IT recruiting agencies and IT staffing companies, you want to make sure everything you list on your resume is strong evidence of your value as an employee.  When you list soft skills or call yourself something subjective like “creative” or a “perfectionist”, you’re not giving concrete evidence of your candidacy.  You’re just listing how you perceive yourself, which is pretty irrelevant to hiring managers and technical recruiters trying to fill IT jobs. Focus on listing your technical skills and your accomplishments.  These are what IT recruiting firms and IT staffing agencies love to see.  You can elaborate on more subjective traits once you get your new IT recruiting companies on the phone!

IT recruiters team player resume

IT recruiters don’t want to see that you’re a team player written on your resume– you can tell them that later.


Don’t Make these Mistakes on Your LinkedIn Profile

Friday, August 14th, 2015

LinkedIn is an inevitable part of searching for IT jobs these days.  While you’ll still need copies of your resume to send to IT recruiters and IT staffing agencies, you’ll also need a great LinkedIn profile to attract those technical recruiters and IT staffing companies.  Here are some LinkedIn profile mistakes that will drive IT recruiting agencies and IT staffing firms away.

1. Giving too much irrelevant info: As on your resume, don’t list your college courses, IT jobs from 20 years ago, or give staggering details in descriptions of your past jobs.   A LinkedIn profile isn’t necessarily limited to one page, but it should still be as brief and concise as you can make it.

2. Unprofessional pictures: It may seem tempting to just add any picture into your LinkedIn  profile.   Your picture doesn’t have to be stiff and boring, but a bad picture (or one depicting you doing something, well, bad) will really damage your reputation with IT recruiting firms and hiring managers.

3. Unnecessary endorsements: People may endorse you for a lot of silly or irrelevant skills.  Take these out of your profile.  They take up too much of the brief time IT recruiting companies will look at your profile.  Don’t waste their time or yours—make sure every part of your profile strengthens your candidacy.

IT jobs LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is similar to your resume. Keep it short and sweet.

Highlight This Quality in Your Next IT Job Interview

Monday, July 20th, 2015

In interviews for IT jobs, it’s obvious that you need to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments with technical tools.  If a job requires Java, you won’t impress your interviewer or IT recruiters and IT staffing firms if you can’t speak to your comfort with Java.  But there is one skill that is very important to demonstrate in interviews and phone calls with IT staffing companies and IT recruiting agencies: empathy.

Technical recruiters and IT recruiting firms love to work with IT professionals who are well versed in a lot of technologies, but these people are hard to place if they don’t have empathy.  Why?  Because empathy is a quality that make somebody easy to work with.  In a field like IT, being easy to work with is of the utmost importance.  IT staffing agencies need people who are great at customer service, working with teams, and taking feedback on their coding, troubleshooting, etc.  So in your next conversation with IT recruiting companies or in IT job interviews, try to demonstrate that you’ve got empathy—for your teammates, clients, customers, and superiors.  (But make sure you demonstrate it—not just say you are empathetic!  This won’t play well.) It may just win you the job!

Empathy IT recruiters IT jobs

Empathy can be the difference between losing and winning the IT job.




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