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Incorporating Skype into IT Job Interviews: Candidates

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Phone screens are quite common during interview rounds as hiring managers select final candidates for IT job opportunities.  With new information technology, IT recruiting firms may even vamp up their interview procedure with an innovative type of screening known as the Skype screen.  If you are a prospective candidate, read on for information and tips to make the most out of a Skype screening.

Check Technology

Prior to the interview, check your audio equipment and microphone.  Though most laptops come with standard webcam features, you may want to invest in newer equipment so your IT staffing interview runs as smoothly as possible.  Check your network connection for a clear signal and send all attachments to technical recruiters prior to the interview.  Have the attachments and your resume open and ready at the start of the Skype call for quick access.

Dress the Part

Just because the interview is in your home, candidates should not become too comfortable.  Opt for an entire suit rather than a dressy shirt and casual pants while maintaining a business attitude.  Use a professional Skype handle versus personal accounts.  Remember to smile and have natural facial expressions during the conversation with IT recruiters.  Also, the camera is where you will be making eye contact, so do not become distracted by staring at yourself while speaking or watching your IT recruiting audience.

Beware of distractions

Interviewing in the privacy of your own home is a luxury, but remember to keep it a formal interview.  Ask family members and roommates for privacy while keeping pets out of the picture.  Use a blank wall or cleared space for your background.  IT headhunters will find it hard to believe you are organized if they spy a cluttered background or mess!

One of the best reasons to conduct a Skype interview is to record and review it after.  Take notes on areas of strength and room for improvement.  The Skype interview may help candidates of technical recruiting firms better communication skills as you become more comfortable with the experience!

IT Recruiting Tips: When You are Caught in a Lie

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Technical recruiters search the web for candidates from sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn.  When the resume of a prospective candidate catches their eye, they add it to their database and try to contact him for IT jobs.  If an IT recruiter found out a contractor’s resume was falsified and skills were exaggerated, would he give the IT professional a second chance?  The answer is typically no, but some IT recruiters may be more understanding.  If you are lucky enough to find these rare recruiters, here is how to make penance…

Admit Your Fault

Covering a lie with another lie is a slippery slope that should be avoided at all costs.  Come clean to your technical recruiter by admitting your faults and taking responsibilities for your actions and its outcome.  Explain why you lied and the truth.  It might be difficult to admit you were wrong, but IT recruiting companies will respect you for owning up to your mistake.

Take the Next Step

Apologize to the IT staffing agency and all parties involved.  If your recruiter is still willing to work with you, send over a corrected resume with the accurate dates of employment and your skills.  When you apply for other positions in the future, explain your gaps of employment or your level of skill so technical recruiting companies and hiring managers are not mislead.

Don’ts of Lying

Never justify deceit with dishonesty because you will lose track of your deception and truths.  Also, never blame others for your lies.  Only you can control your actions and by blaming another party you are showing IT staffing companies that you have no responsibility.

Remember that you can always prevent the effects of a lie by starting with the truth!

First Impression: The Handshake

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

As IT recruiters, we’re constantly meeting with prospective candidates and IT hiring managers.  Typically our first interaction with each is a handshake.  As we’ve all been told, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Therefore, here are some tips to make sure you put your best foot forward from the very start:

1.        Make sure you greet and introduce yourself briefly before extending your hand for a shake.

2.        When shaking the hiring manager’s hand, make sure to stand up if you’re not already standing. This is a clear sign of respect.

3.        When shaking the hiring managers hand, look him or her in the eyes.

4.        Try to have a firm grip but not too forceful.  The hiring manager does not want to know how strong you are but how qualified you are for the IT job.

5.        Only use one hand.  Shaking with both hands is a bit excessive.  The hiring manager will find that you are being too personal.

6.        Sweaty hands.  If the hiring manager’s hands are sweaty, do not wipe your hands immediately.  Most likely they are aware of their hands and it will embarrass them if they see you wipe your hands.  When you sit down find a moment when you can wipe your hand without being noticed.

7.        More importantly, make sure your hands aren’t sweaty!

For more tips and advice, contact one of our IT recruiters today.  They’re IT staffing industry experts and will help prepare you for your next IT job interview.

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