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DevOps Engineer


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Clayton Minnich

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JN -082022-15211

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Overview / Responsibilities:
The DevOps Engineer collaborates with infrastructure technology specialists, software engineers, chapter leads, technology owners, and other Information Technology staff based on shared goals and agile practices. The DevOps Engineer leads or contributes to the concurrent delivery of highly effective, complex, cross-technology automation and infrastructure services that allow product and analytics teams to build highly effective capabilities that eliminate (or reduce) the bottlenecks which impede rapid product delivery. 

The DevOps Engineer is hands-on and works side-by-side with team members to implement these complex infrastructure/application solutions. At the same time, they are ensuring well-developed solutions focused on quality, performance, and maintainability. The DevOps Engineer drives constant improvement through automation, subject matter experience, and knowledge sharing.  

4 to 10+ years experience in application development, database, server administration, information technology, platform services, build management, release management, or another related discipline. In addition, at least 1 to 3 years focused on automation, cloud, CI/CD, or DevOps specific role. Experience in evaluating technologies and running adequate technology proof of concepts.  

General Skills/Experience:
*Please note that the following is based on requirements for a Principal DevOps Engineer. The areas below are meant to be examples of talent areas a candidate can engage in discussion. It is not expected that an individual knows everything listed below. 

Must have experience in a programming language. Examples of languages might include Python, Ruby, Node.js, Go, Rust, C#, Java, C++, C, etc. 

Must understand different operating system concepts. Examples include Startup Management (intid), Service Management (systemd), Process Management, Network concepts, Virtualization, Memory and Storage, File systems. 

Must have experience working with Linux and Windows operating systems. Examples include Server 2022, Server 2019, Ubuntu, Debian, and RHEL. 

Must demonstrate strong knowledge of terminal usage. Examples include: 

Text Manipulation (awk, sed grep, sort, uniq, cat, cut, and PowerShell equivalents.) 

Process Monitoring (ps, top, htop, atop isof) 

Compilation of applications from source (gcc, dotnet, make, etc...) 

Bash / PowerShell scripting 

Network (nmap, tcpdump, traceroute, dig, netstat, nc) 

Know about Networks, Security, and Protocols. Examples include HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), HTTPS, FTP, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) / TLS (Transport Layer Security), SSH, and Port Forwarding. 

Must have general knowledge of the configuration of Reverse Proxy, Caching, Forward Proxy, Load Balancing, and L7 Firewalls. 

Must have general knowledge of Web Servers. Examples include IIS, Nginx, Apache, Tomcat, and Caddy. 

Must be able to talk about branch strategies. Examples include: 
Trunk-based Development 
Must be able to describe container promotion models/pipeline artifact patterns. 
Must be able to create containers. Examples include Docker, Docker-compose, etc. 
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