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Project Coordinator 



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Mohamed Barami

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JN -102022-15312

Job Description

Project Coordinator 

Our Client seeks a Project Coordinator  to implement a digital strategy for ,community engagement, research and publishing that enables it to continue its leadership well into the 21st century. Centered on enabling life-long learning experiences and allowing for scale, personalization, and future innovation, the platform will recommend, shape and support the full variety of , communication, collaboration, publication and research experiences provided by the school.

Our central, unifying use case is life-long learning. We expect to develop the capabilities to understand and follow the life-long business  needs of our, Executive participants, publishing customers, faculty, staff, and alumni communities, and develop the world class research, course delivery, networking, communications and publishing services to enable them. Satisfying this goal will require a new technology foundation, composed of several,
• A federated data platform that de-silos and connects the varied data that is captured/sourced/curated across the school which powers research, publishing and course delivery experiences. Enabling advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it will allow greater insights, data–informed decision making, and future data-driven experiences to support lifelong learning, empirical research and field experiments, innovative learning experiences, community building and networking, operational excellence, etc. All this will be accompanied
• A highly scalable course content management and learning experience platform capable of asynchronous/synchronous modalities, delivering customized/personalized learning experiences across all of our current and not-yet-imagined physical and virtual classrooms and programs  capable of short and long term; A leading, powerful, and easy-to-use research platform that maximizes the quality and impact of faculty research, extends our research competitive advantage, helping it attract, empower, and retain world-class faculty.
• A holistic, data-centric community engagement platform that educates and connects our stakeholders to recommend experiences and thought leadership, and maximize their leadership impact across the globe.
Modernized and integrated back-office infrastructure and systems, with a unified approach to collecting, managing, and governing data across our organization, enabling the innovations in our operating model that harness our ability to be nimble and efficient in addressing future opportunities; Investments in recruiting, training and capability building in product management to advanced analytics, from design to AI/ML training.
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