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Christopher Stile

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JN -122021-14822

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LMS Administrator: 

Position Overview:
Our Client is looking for an LMS Administrator. Our team is comprised of instructional technologists, designers, and AV specialists. The LMS Administrator position combines sharp technical skills with a deep understanding of educational theory and best practices. Day-to-day responsibilities are centered around supporting our client's operations lifecycle as it relates to ensuring our community has access to the tools, documentation, training, and support they need to launch their course sites successfully at the start of each term and to leverage educational technology throughout the term.
Summary of Principle duties:
  • Serve as an administrator and residential expert of our clients LMS platform and its LTI integrations (e.g., video conferencing LTIs, feedback tool LTIs, custom LTIs, etc.) as well as to support other educational technology tools outside of Canvas
  • Manage the course lifecycle in Canvas, which includes guiding faculty, staff, and TAs though the termpreparation process for a portfolio of courses each term (e.g., copying course content from a previous term, delivering training sessions, supporting the building of Canvas sites, and more) along with providing support that spans the term (e.g., using Canvas in complex ways, integrating a new tool, etc.)
  • Manage a queue of support tickets (troubleshoot, respond, and close in a timely and effective way)
  • Maintain existing and create new technical documentation, resources, educational blog posts, etc. for our Teaching & Learning Technologies website
  •  Promote awareness and utilization of our resources among program leadership, staff, and faculty via presentations, written communications, consultations, etc.
  •  Plan, design, market, and deliver training to the community on the LMS and other educational technology tools
  •  Support the research, evaluation, and deployment of a portfolio of third-party tools and custom internal tools that use LTI and API frameworks
  • Iterate on our existing internal processes by proposing or developing faster/automated and more efficient ways to accomplish basic tasks so that we can focus our efforts on higher-impact work 
  • Collaborate internally with the manager, other instructional technologists, instructional designers, developers, and AV staff on projects that require our combined skills and teamwork 
Other duties as assigned Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
  • (40%) Serve as an administrator and/or residential expert of the LMS Platform and other educational technology tools for degree and non-degree Courses o Ensure Canvas course sites and their enrollments are provisioned correctly each term
  • Create and maintain documentation for our internal processes around administering the LMS and managing the course lifecycle o Iterate on our existing internal processes by proposing or developing faster/automated and more efficient ways to accomplish basic tasks so that we can focus our efforts on higher-impact work o Integrate and maintain third-party and custom tools in the LMS that use LTI and API frameworks
  • Proactively plan for and communicate about system-related upgrades, new feature releases, platform downtime, and other key announcements
  •  (30%) Guide the community in the use of teaching & learning technologies
  • Manage the course lifecycle in Canvas, which includes guiding faculty, staff, and TAs through the term-preparation process for a portfolio of courses each term, as well as providing support across the term o Plan for, organize, and deliver training and communications to faculty, staff, and TAs on the LMS and other educational technology tools o Respond to requests for assistance from faculty, staff, and TAs o Actively engage faculty and staff in identifying new projects and opportunities to improve teaching & learning using technology o Create and maintain documentation and/or resources for our technologies on our website
  • (15%) Research, evaluate, and deploy new technologies in response to pedagogical or business needs
  •  Gather and analyze data or conduct discovery work in support of business cases, propose projects and articulate their requirements o Participate in or lead internal and external projects that deliver new tools for teaching and learning (e.g., deploying a new simulation, developing an internal tool for tracking class attendance & participation, piloting an academic integrity tool, etc.)
  • Develop expertise in soon-to-be-deployed technologies so that you can serve as an in-house expert for training, documentation, and troubleshooting
  • (10%) Collect and report on key metrics related to teaching & learning technologies
  • Consult regularly with faculty, staff, and students on their use of educational technology to analyze their feedback and recommend improvements
  • Gather and report on key metrics (e.g., analyze and report out on course site quality using a best-practices rubric, distribute satisfaction surveys to the community, leverage the Canvas Data Portal for decision making, etc.)
  • (5%) Serve as a liaison on behalf of STS to the rest of our client's organisation
  •  Establish and maintain close ties with members of our community (faculty, staff, and students) and advocate for improvements on their behalf
  •  Provide recommendations for improvements to classrooms and study spaces that empower teachers and learners to seamlessly leverage our technology in a highly interactive way.
  •  Participate in school and/or institute-wide initiatives and organizations related to teaching & learning technologies.
Bachelor’s degree in a related field Minimum 3 years of relevant experience

Technical Skills: 
  • 3 years of experience supporting Canvas LMS, Zoom, Panopto, Poll Everywhere, Turn It In, Feedback Fruits, etc.)
  • Demonstrated experience building (i.e., adding & organizing content) and maintaining (e.g., grading in, posting announcements on, etc.) course sites in an LMS
  • Experience using internal collaboration and project/service management tools such as Office 365 Online, Asana, Service Now, etc. to foster a transparent, knowledge-sharing environment
  • Demonstrated systems thinking skills that enable you to quickly conceptualize, analyze, and resolve complex technical problems or propose solutions (i.e., You understand how everything works together which allows you to break down a problem and solve it autonomously and effectively.)
  • Familiarity with web standards and best practices regarding accessibility, navigation, usability, and security
  •  Experience developing and conducting software testing/QA procedures.
  •  Demonstrable technical writing/documentation skills and copyediting skills 
  • Project Management o Demonstrated familiarity with standard principles of project management
  •  Ability to integrate and coordinate with diverse and distributed teams such as internal software development teams, external vendors, faculty, and program staff
  •  Relationship Management/Customer Service o An adaptable mindset and flexibility to work as part of a growing team in the evolving landscape of higher education o Strong demonstrated skills in building and maintaining stable working relationships with faculty, staff, and students
  •  Experience providing direct technical customer support on the phone, online, and in-person
  • Excellent demonstrated client-facing oral and written technical communications skills
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