Monthly Archives: September 2010

Make Yourself Available for IT Recruiters

When you are a job seeker working with IT recruiters, you need to be easily accessible.  When an AVID Technical Resources’ Account Manager identifies a new IT job opportunity, our IT recruiting team immediately begins looking for prospective candidates.  At AVID Technical Resources we try to submit candidates within the first few days the IT job position becomes available.  The IT Staffing Industry is fast-paced, therefore in order to beat out the other IT recruiting companies, we need to respond to our clients as quickly as possible.

If you miss a call or email, you might be missing out on your dream IT job.  If you don’t have a PDA (Blackberry, iPhone), it might be worth the investment.   In today’s age, whether good or bad, people must be accessible and able to respond immediately to emails.  Another reality is that clients typically needed candidates “yesterday.”  Therefore, the IT recruiters will go with the first candidate or candidates that respond to them.

So when one of our IT recruiters contacts you about a new IT job position, give them a call or return their email as soon as you can.  You never know what new opportunity is waiting for you.

First Impression: The Handshake

As IT recruiters, we’re constantly meeting with prospective candidates and IT hiring managers.  Typically our first interaction with each is a handshake.  As we’ve all been told, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Therefore, here are some tips to make sure you put your best foot forward from the very start:

1.        Make sure you greet and introduce yourself briefly before extending your hand for a shake.

2.        When shaking the hiring manager’s hand, make sure to stand up if you’re not already standing. This is a clear sign of respect.

3.        When shaking the hiring managers hand, look him or her in the eyes.

4.        Try to have a firm grip but not too forceful.  The hiring manager does not want to know how strong you are but how qualified you are for the IT job.

5.        Only use one hand.  Shaking with both hands is a bit excessive.  The hiring manager will find that you are being too personal.

6.        Sweaty hands.  If the hiring manager’s hands are sweaty, do not wipe your hands immediately.  Most likely they are aware of their hands and it will embarrass them if they see you wipe your hands.  When you sit down find a moment when you can wipe your hand without being noticed.

7.        More importantly, make sure your hands aren’t sweaty!

For more tips and advice, contact one of our IT recruiters today.  They’re IT staffing industry experts and will help prepare you for your next IT job interview.