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A Strong Way to Finish Your IT Job Interviews

Your technical recruiters and IT staffing agencies probably have stressed to you the importance of making a great first impression on your interviewers, particularly at the start of the interview.  Did you know that you can also do a lot of damage or really increase your likelihood of nailing your dream IT jobs with the way you finish your job interviews?  Like all humans, your IT recruiters and interviewers are more likely to remember the beginning and end of your interview.  So don’t just start strong, finish strong, too! Here’s one way to really impress your interviewer and IT staffing companies at the end of job interviews.

Start by picking out things that really appeal to you about the job over the course of the interview. Try to remember 2-3 things that your interviewer mentions that you can genuinely tie back to your work style, lifestyle, and career goals.  When you get to the very end of the interview, state to the interviewer that you’d love the job because of these things.

By doing this, you’ll definitely make a strong impression on the interviewer (and by extension your IT recruiting companies and IT staffing firms) for a few reasons.  Firstly, you’ll show that you’re genuinely interested in the job.  Don’t underestimate the importance of this.  You’ll also be showing that you’re a good listener, which is key for most jobs.  Lastly, you’ll be able to showcase that you communicate well and are articulate.  Especially in IT, these skills are at a premium.  Try this at your next job interview.  You’ll leave a lasting impression!

Ask This Question in Your Next IT Job Interview

If you didn’t already know it, your IT recruiters and IT staffing firms probably prepared you to ask questions in your next IT jobs interviews.  Some of the questions you probably plan on asking are for your own benefit—they’re questions about the job that the technical recruiters and IT staffing agencies you’re working with can’t answer for you.  But some of the questions you ask will be to make yourself look good to the recruiter (and to build up your reputation with your IT staffing companies).

The next time you have an interview for an IT job, try asking this question to really polish your impression.  “How has this role evolved over time and how would you ideally want it to continue to grow?” This question will impress your IT recruiting firms and interviewers because it shows that you’re interested in performing well for your potential employers.  Beyond just giving the usual 9-5 bar minimum, this question indicates that you want to be an employee that contributes real value to your next company.  Try asking it in your next interview.  It may just win you the job.