Monthly Archives: July 2015

Be Stronger in Your IT Job Interviews

On your resume and in interviews for IT jobs, you’ll have to sell yourself to hiring managers, IT recruiters, and IT staffing companies.  There are certain qualities and phrases that hiring managers, IT recruiting firms and technical recruiters all agree are desirable.  However, you need to demonstrate to interviewers and IT staffing firms that you have these qualities, not just say you have them.  Here’s how to do this.

Firstly, stay away from just using adjectives.  Calling yourself “dedicated”, “motivated”, or “diligent” for example, won’t do you much good.  An interviewer can’t go on your own assessment of yourself.  What will work is if you can tell stories that show that other people see you as having the kinds of qualities that make a strong, effective team member.  For instance, talking about the time you spent hours de-bugging code until it was perfect will make a big impact on an interviewer and the IT recruiting agencies and IT staffing agencies you’re working with.  Simply saying that you’re “detail-oriented” and “tenacious” will not impress your interviewers.  Try thinking about this as you prep for your next IT job interview.  It will probably make all the difference.