Are IT Recruiters too Tech Savy?

For a technical recruiter, imagine a day without your phone.  Then, picture your day without electricity at IT staffing companies.  Would you be able to survive the full work day?  Are technical recruiters simply taking these things for granted or are IT recruiting companies too dependent on technology?

There are benefits to the convenience of technological advances as they save society time, money, and provide a constant means of contact.  But as it continues to progress, are IT staffing agencies beginning to experience more faults than anticipated?

Lack of Formal Communication

If an IT recruiter or candidate is struggling to have a conversation in person or on the phone, they may rely too heavily on email and texting.  A solid relationship cannot be based solely upon text messages and email exchange.  This form of communication neglects tone and expression which convey character and personality.  Also, this method of contact provides users the options to put off responses or ignore communication all together.


Do you check your phone during meetings, IT job interviews, and conversations with potential candidates or hiring managers?  You might be capable of multitasking, but in this instance you are paying more attention to one party than the other.  Even devices that are supposed to help you such as a GPS could distract you from safety.  Next time you are on the phone, minimize your windows or put down your cell phone and thoroughly listen.  If you are meeting in public, pay full attention to the speaker and react appropriately to what they have to say.

Too Many Excuses

Miss a call?  I did not have service.  Miss an email?  It did not go to my inbox or went to my spam.  I just received your message, sorry for the delay and is it too late?  IT recruiting agencies have heard all the excuses with technology to blame.  Technology is not one hundred percent reliable even with a back up in place.  Often when it fails, there is a significant amount of catch up work to follow.  In the event of a disaster such as a data failure, is it really worth it?

The Wheels Stop Turning

When you have a device doing more than half the work for you, you are not forced to think.  Your logic and reasoning skills will soon dwindle as you look to technology to provide you the answer.  Also, you will lose a sense of creativity because the machine will give you a solution.  You will no longer need to experience events or new places as others’ opinions may persuade you.

Not all technology is not necessarily a bad thing.  While it may help our community, it can also backfire so use it wisely!

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