Art of Interviewing with IT Recruiting Companies or Direct Clients

Over the years, I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates.  From internal IT recruiters working for various IT recruiting companies, to prospective IT consultants, I’ve been fortunate to meet some great people.  Learning the art of the interviewing process has certainly helped me sharpen my craft as an interviewer – and has ultimately allowed me to create a master blue print which should help every candidate land that next IT job.

Here’s where you start:

1)  IT job interview preparation: First, do your research on the IT recruiting companies you meet with or the direct clients themselves.  Come prepared with questions about the company and do your homework to find as much industry information as you can.  Whether you meet with IT recruiters or a hiring managers, utilize Linkedin to find some information on his or her background.  Try to find a commonality or just inquire about the person’s background.  Don’t leave the commute to chance, test drive the day before if necessary.  Come prepared with questions, and most important, come prepared with something to write on!

2)  Arrive Early – but not too early: Give yourself plenty of commuting time to ensure you’re not late to your meetings with IT recruiting companies or tardy for your job interviews.  You can’t control traffic patterns, train or bus delays, so focus on what you can control:  how early you leave your house or apartment.  If you find yourself at the IT job interview location too early, go grab a coffee, walk around the block or just stay in your car and continue to work on your interview preparation.  Plan on entering the office around 10 minutes prior to your interview.  Do not enter the office more than 15 minutes early – that could actually hurt your chances of landing the IT job.

3)  Get to know the receptionist: Most IT recruiting companies have a front receptionist.  Same with direct clients.  You’re not looking to make a new best friend, however be sure to make some small talk and/or be as polite as possible as you never know what influence he or she might have (not to mention it’s just common decency).

4)  Stay on your feet: If you’re brought into a conference room to wait for the interviewer(s), then remain standing until they arrive.  This shows you’re eager and respectful.  If you must sit or you’re left waiting for a long period, be sure to stand once the IT job interviewer(s) arrive.

5)  Proper Greeting: First, if you’re seated when the interviewer(s) arrive, be sure to stand up when you shake his or her hand.  Do not shake someone’s hand while you’re seated.  This is a sign of laziness and/or disrespect.

6)  Hand Shake: Hand shakes should be firm, but not bone crunching.  A firm hand shake is a sign of confidence – employers would obviously prefer to hire a confident candidate over a non-confident person.  Look the interviewer in the eyes during the hand shake – but avoid the death stare!

7)  Remain standing: At least until the interviewer(s) ask you to sit or they are seated themselves.  IT recruiting companies will often have you meet with multiple people so be sure you’re consistent with each of these tips.

8)  Be sure to listen: Do not interrupt, when thoughts or rebuttals come to mind, simply write them down until you find the right time to bring them up.

9)  Ask questions: Show some interest in the IT recruiting company or direct client.  Be inquisitive about the interviewer(s) past (for example, how long they have been employed with the company?).  Have questions prepared about the specific role you’re interviewing for (such as, why is it open?  Is this a new position or a replacement?  If it’s a replacement, what happened to the previous employee?).

10)  Close the Interviewer(s): At the end of the interview, always ask whether there is anything additional information you can provide.  If not, ask if they think you’re qualified for the job, then always get a follow up (specifically, “is there a day in which I can follow up with you if I don’t hear from anyone?”).

IT recruiting companies are trained to pick up on these subtle signs.  This could make the difference from an IT recruiter contacting you about a specific job.  Follow these steps and always put your best foot forward.  Good things will ultimately happen when you do.

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