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You had a rough day at the IT recruiting office.  Then you come home and are greeted by the blinding light of your laptop.  You open WordPress and immediately pour your heart out about the unfair raise other technical recruiters were rewarded while you were overlooked.  Or perhaps you go on a rant about the upcoming corporate layoffs or the latest gossip from the IT staffing rumor mill.  After about twenty minutes, you finally feel relief as you press publish and close your screen.

A number of IT recruiters enjoy blogging.  It’s a social media outlet that not only allows you to vent your frustrations, but it also lets your friends and followers get a peek at your daily life and thoughts.  However, this is where it becomes dangerous.  Without filters, you are setting yourself up to be stung.  Before you write your next post about the latest events at IT recruiting firms, here are reasons you should reconsider your topic.

Reminds You of Negativity

Unless you live in a world where everything goes right all the time, you are most likely blogging about the negative aspects of your life.  No one wants to hear about others’ misery, so stop yourself and do not give into the temptation.  Misery loves company, so the only followers you will have are those who do not enjoy their IT jobs as well.  If you do not enjoy your career, stop wasting both yours and your employer’s time.  Start looking for new opportunities.

By publicly announcing your faults with your current position, you are betraying your IT recruiting company.  Take your issues to your manager before you post them on the internet.  Things could get sticky if a coworker or supervisor discovers your blog.

Expose Company Secrets

Most hiring managers of IT staffing companies have their employees sign a form that reiterates their privacy policy.  Confidential leaked information is often from internal sources.  Before you begin to write about the rumored layoffs, company restructuring, or IT job interviews, get your fact straight.  Or better yet, do not write about it at all.

You most likely spend more time at your company than you do with your friends or family on weekly basis.  Do not burn bridges by violating their trust.  Protect your company and yourself by keeping tight lips about confidential matters.

Privacy Violation 

Imagine stumbling upon a co-worker’s blog and discovering they had written about you.  It feels as though you are on a secret camera show or someone is spying on you.  Suddenly, you feel violated.  No one enjoys that feeling.  Do not subject others to that position.

If it would make you feel uncomfortable that another co-worker wrote about you, do not do it to your peers.  Make sure anyone mentioned in your blog is aware so it does not come as a surprise either. 

Blogging is supposed to be fun and an excellent way to keep in touch with others about your life and experiences.  Do not extend your office hours by incessantly posting about work topics! 

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