Building Yourself a Brand

As a marketing student, I am currently taking a class on Brand Building.  Throughout the lectures, we have discussed how various brands immediately come to your mind when you think of a service or product.  When you think of tissues, you’ll probably say Klenex.  When you say soda, you think Coke.

These are not the actual products, but the name of the product from the company that created them.  This is brand building.  If these companies are able to do this for a retail product, why can’t IT recruiting companies do the same with their name?  I’ll take it one step further, why can’t IT professionals do the same with their name?

IT recruiters will agree that there are various IT professionals out there who come to mind when you think of certain technical positions that need to be filled.  When you think of a strong Oracle DBA, there may be a local technical resource who dominates the market.  When you think of a .NET developer, there could be someone local who stands apart from the completion.  So how can you make yourself that prospective candidate that technical recruiters think of when they want to fill that niche information technology job?

First of all, you should take a good look at what you have accomplished throughout your information technology career.  What roles did you play in your various IT jobs and what skills make you stand out from others in your field?  This will help you create a brief summary about what makes you unique as an IT professional.  This will also be one of the reasons IT recruiters Boston will be calling you first when that technical position opens up.

Another factor you need to consider is what are your values.  Everyone has values, and when it comes to the IT staffing industry, you need to be aware that your reputation is critical if you’re going to be in demand.  There are many ethical issues that arrive when you are working on a project that may test your values.  But if you consistently work through these and remain loyal to your core values, employers will come to respect you for who you are.  It ties into your skills creating an image of an IT professional who not only hones in on his or hers information technology skills, but takes into consideration values when working.

Most importantly, you want to make sure that your employers will be willing to spread the word.  They may tell a friend or a colleague about that IT professional they hired.  If you make a great impression and keep a positive reputation, you might end up creating a brand for yourself.

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