Don’t be Afraid to Fail

Think of a time you achieved a task on the first try.  Now think of an activity where it took you numerous tries until you had it right.  Chances are the latter has made you more driven.  You felt gratified when you perfected the last step.  Your determination paid off.

If you are actively seeking employment or have in the past, you can relate to the difficulty of trying to secure a position in a highly competitive market.  You apply to IT jobs with what you think is your best resume and you interview with tips picked up along the way.  But why does it appear your effort is going unnoticed?  It feels as though your inbox is cluttered with rejection letters and calls if the company or IT recruiters respond at all.

After applying for an IT job, you know the most painful step in job hunting is the waiting period to hear feedback.  If you receive good news, congratulations!  If a technical recruiter informs you that have not been selected to move forward in your candidacy, do not let hurt your confidence.  Take this opportunity to look for another position that is more geared toward your skill level and experience.  When you engage in direct contact with an IT recruiter or hiring manager, do not be afraid to ask for feedback.  It could be someone was just more qualified for the position.  Do not let this rejection stop you from restarting your search, but use it to make your candidacy stronger.

AVID Boston IT recruiters can lead you to the correct path.  Our IT staffing firm has worked with a number of prestigious companies and they know what the hiring managers are seeking when they review resumes or conduct interviews.

When you do not land the job of your dreams, here are some tips on starting over.  Keep in mind that you do not need to always need to start from scratch!

The Resume: Your Time to Shine

Your resume is a time for you to brag about your strong qualities, experiences, and achievements in the information technology industry.  Tell your prospective employer about your goals and objectives.  Keep the resume update to date, neat, and consistent. Bullets are encouraged to highlight your main accomplishments while keeping your resume brief.  Choose keywords that are specifically geared toward your desired role.

For more resume tips, visit AVID’s resume writing tips.

The Hunt: Making Your Next Move

Tailor your resume for each position to which you apply, then find a target and take aim.  While job boards are great for finding IT jobs, do not limit yourself by only applying to postings.  Having a public profile on sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and LinkedIn allows technical recruiters to come to you.  IT staffing agencies will often reach out to candidates with open positions and help organize the candidate’s resume to help score an interview.  If you do not make it to the interview stage, at least your resume is now on file and do not hesitate to ask about other open positions the technical recruiter might be managing.

For a list of open IT jobs, visit AVID’s job search.

The Interview: Getting to Know You

This is your chance to make a lasting impression.  If you have worked with IT recruiters Boston, they have most likely provided you with tips to win over your audience.  Be sure to answer all questions effectively and ask your questions.  Explain your relevant experiences and relate your skills to the position.  Show confidence and maintain eye contact when speaking, but do not speak too fast or too much.  After your interview, be sure to follow up with a thank you via your IT staffing representative or email reiterating your interest and qualifications for the job.   The more you interview the easier it is to network and prepare you for your dream job!

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