Eating at Your Desk in the IT Recruiting Industry

Boston Technical recruiters often find themselves working through lunch and eating at their desks quite frequently.  As IT recruiters, your hard work will be recognized.  However, do not sacrifice your health to go above and beyond.  Here are some reasons you should get up and out for your lunch instead of hiding in your cube.

Clearer Mind

When an IT staffing representative works nine hours straight, there is no time for the brain to recover.  Eventually you will find yourself burnt out and you will not even remember what you ate or what you may have discussed with a client.  If you have the opportunity to walk even for ten to fifteen minutes a day, preferably outside, do so.  You will return with a clearer mind and ready to focus on new goals.


Your desk is actually dirtier than it appears.  Think of how often you actually clean your desk.  Technical recruiters are constantly touching the phone, keyboard, and mouse… then reaching for their sandwiches.  Is the extra hour you’re putting in today worth the sick day you may have to take later?

Poor Habits

You will probably not realize it, but when you are not focused on your meal, you typically end up eating more and ignoring signals that you may be full– or not even hungry at all.  Later, during the day, you will either feel too full and uncomfortable from overeating or hungry from not listening to your body’s signals.  This can affect your work performance.

IT recruiters spend most of their day on the phone, and if they are eating at their desk, there is a strong chance they are snacking between phone calls.  Eating away from your desk will help curb distractions and prevent potential mistakes or messes.

If You Must Dine at Your Desk…

If you must eat at your desk, try to bring a lunch with you.  Home packed meals tend to be healthier and will leave you feeling less sluggish than if you were to order fast food.  When you eat at your desk, take trips to the water cooler or the bathroom to move your muscles.  If another co-worker is eating at their desk as well, ask if you may join them for some company and get your mind off work for a few minutes.

Eating at your desk is unfortunately becoming the norm.  Remember to maintain proper eating etiquette (ie. not chewing in the phone or talking with your mouth full).  And don’t leave crumbs if you decide to join the movement!

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