Fighting the Right Battles in Your IT Job

IT professionals may come across many inconveniences and deficiencies at their IT jobs.  Perhaps they are IT contractors, but would like to be taken on as permanent employees.  Perhaps they are lacking software or tools that would make their jobs easier and more effective.  Or perhaps they are just frustrated with the way their IT managers treat them.  Most IT consultants hold off on picking too many battles at their workplaces for fear of angering their bosses or the IT staffing firms that placed them in their jobs.  While this strategy makes sense, there are some battles IT headhunters might actually appreciate their contractors taking on.

IT recruiting agencies would certainly appreciate not having their candidate turn out to be whiny and difficult to manage.  The better a candidate is at putting their head down and getting a job done, the more technical recruiters will want to work with them again.  However, sometimes there are issues with the workplace that, if fixed, would benefit the company greatly.  Advocating cautiously with a well-researched solution can certainly get an IT manager’s attention.  Sometimes, even if your solution to an issue isn’t used, getting the conversation started is still a victory.  Perhaps a more effective procedure can be found at work or a cheaper or more efficient tool can be used.  Management and IT staffing companies will deeply appreciate an IT consultant who picks and fights suavely the battles that benefit his or her entire company.


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