Hiring from a Great Candidate Pool

Most employers know that a bad hire can be very costly.  Sometimes  employers have a more subtle problem, though: making a final choice between a few candidates.  When you have a couple of candidates who possess all the technical skills and experience you’re seeking, how do you pick the one to hire? Here are a couple of tips that IT staffing firms suggest you consider when you need to choose between great candidates.

Think about, or ask the IT recruiting firms you’re working with, if the candidates you’re choosing between have ever worked in a similar kind of company and corporate culture before. For instance, are they used to the kind of autonomy your company gives employees?  Or are they used to the kind of teamwork this project or work requires?  This is something you may find on their resume, but it’s exactly the kind of info your IT staffing agencies are happy to find out for you.  Even if a candidate hasn’t worked in a similar corporate culture before, your technical recruiters can still help you figure out if they would fit into yours.  They understand what the candidate is looking for in their next role, including work environment, so they have a more in-depth insight into questions like this.

Ask yourself, and anybody else who interviewed the candidates, a simple question. Which candidate would you, your typical end users, or clients, and the rest of your team, most like to invite to a happy hour?  Sometimes a candidate has the right personality to really click with your team or, more importantly, the end users or clients they’d be serving.  Maybe they’re laid-back and have a sense of humor that would serve your start-up well.  Personality isn’t everything, but IT recruiters have seen time and again that when it comes to roles that support clients or end users, it can be very important.  It can also make a big difference when you’re working on a small team that needs to collaborate well.  The bottom line is, IT staffing companies suggest that if you’ve got a few candidates that are great technically, use personality as another factor in the decision. The most successful hires for IT jobs are usually people that you, your end users, and clients enjoy working with.


Bad hires can cost a lot. But good hires can bring your company unlimited value. Photo credit: Pixabay.


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