Hiring Managers: How to Work with an IT Recruiter

Our main goal as an IT staffing company is to assist you, the client, in finding the perfect candidate for the IT job.  In order to make this process quick and efficient, without sending candidates over who do not qualify, we need your help.

These are some things that will help an IT recruiter when finding you a candidate:

  1. Honesty: Let us know if you are working with other IT staffing agencies.  We will not hold this against you.  We encourage working with other IT recruiting agencies, as that will help you find the best candidate.  We need to know which IT recruiting firms these are so if one of our candidates is also working with them we don’t send you the same candidate twice.
  2. Rates: Be as upfront as you can with your budget.  We don’t want to waste your time, or of course, ours, if you have a set rate that you cannot exceed.  Instead, if we know your budget, we can work around that to find you the best possible candidate who fits into those particulars.
  3. Feedback: As technical recruiters, we need to know how a candidate interviewed – whether it was good or bad – so that we can adjust our search and send you new candidates that are on target.  This feedback is important with resumes, not just interviews.
  4. IT job descriptions: The more thorough and accurate, the better.  These are critical so we can find you the right candidate.  IT recruiters search for technology skills but we also need to know which of the requirements are must haves and others are just an added bonus.
  5. Interview availability: In order to get a candidate in to see you, we need to know what your availability is to interview and how soon you will be doing interviews.  IT recruiters are always trying to find candidates and send them over right away, but if we do not have answers for them then they will not be willing to wait for the position. In order to make the hiring process as seamless as possible, let us know the dates you are available so we can set things up right away for you.
  6. Start Date: In order to get the right candidate at the appropriate time we need to know when you would ideally like the person to start.  If you plan on hiring them for 3 months later and we were not made aware of this, we may have found a candidate who was looking for a position right away that will not be able to start working.  As IT recruiters, we do not want to waste your time sending candidates over who may not even be able to work right away (or at a later time period, etc).

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