How to De-stress Your Life in Your IT Recruiting Position

As a professional in the IT recruiting industry, there is a lot of stress you may have to deal with from home and the IT staffing office. This can then affect your behavior, and more important, your health. So how can you improve your life and de-stress from your daily activities?

First you should make sure that you take necessary vacations from your technical recruiting job. Every year you should be allotted a certain amount of vacation time and should take advantage of that. This will allow you to have time for yourself and relax. Go somewhere peaceful and/or do something that you enjoy. Everyone needs a break. Everyone needs to recharge their battery.

The second step you should take is making sure you don’t bring your work home. Figure out a schedule that will keep your tasks at work and not at home. When you blur this line, it could impact your family. There’s only so much work a person can do in one week. If you are constantly doing this, take a second look at what is going on to evaluate why this is happening.

Do you have a long commute to your technical recruiting office? Most people either drive or take public transportation to get to work. There are very few people who are lucky enough to be able to just walk to their IT staffing office. You might not realize, but long commutes can take a toll on you. If you are driving, not only do you have the stress of getting to work on time, but you have to deal with traffic and any accidents or adverse weather conditions while on the road. If you add a long commute on top of that, you’re already starting your day stressed or frustrated. If the commute is too long try discussing with your boss about the possibility of telecommuting a few times a week.

On the flip side, commutes can also provide a chance for IT recruiters to unwind. For some people, in the ideal world, they would like 15-20 minutes max to decompress. Listen to your favorite music, talk show or book on tape. Do something that helps you mentally unwind so you’re not taking any frustrations from your work day home with you.

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