IT Recruiters Ask You Cut Back on that Cologne…

At small IT recruiting companies, there is a common culprit who seems to have taken a dip in the perfume or cologne bottle prior to work.  Initially, people do not seem to mind or may enjoy the scent.  By the third hour, the lingering aroma irritates noses and technical recruiters are complaining of headaches and nausea.  How do IT headhunters handle a scent problem without offending the perpetrator?

Brief and Honest

At IT staffing firms, recruiters work in close proximity of one another, around hiring managers, and candidates throughout the day.  When a technical recruiter is wearing an overpowering scent, ask them about it privately.  Point out it is a strong scent and, next time, suggest using a little less.  If the scent is making you sick, ask the IT recruiter to not wear it in the IT staffing office and explain you are sensitive to scents.  The recruiter may be offended at first, but will most likely appreciate hearing it from one of his peers than a supervisor.


If you find you do not have the will or way to tactfully approach the smelly IT headhunter, notify your supervisor of the issue.  By having human resources address the problem, management will be less apt to embarrass and pinpoint the recruiter.  Also, by addressing entire technical recruiting companies, other recruiters will be mindful of what they choose to wear and prevent potential scent issues.

You are the Offender

You may be the offender and not realize it because you do not smell it yourself.  Offices have less ventilation than the outdoors and public areas, so try to use less or none at all.  If you choose to use scented products, candles, or lotions, ask others in the office if they mind.

Remember, you are working in small corridors for extended hours.  You and your co-workers have a right to breathe!

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