IT Recruiters Take Mental Health Days!

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed at IT staffing firms that you just could not stay on task nor did you care to finish your IT recruiting work?  You may have been lashing out at family members, candidates, and friends, losing sleep, or simply not caring about any of your interests that were important to you.  These are telltale indicators that you are in dire need of a mental health day.  Before technical recruiters begin to feel guilt about playing hooky for one day, here are some reasons it may actually improve their performance.

Fizzle Out

Eventually, you will burn yourself out if you continuously work without taking a break to recharge your batteries.  Soon, you will not begin to care about your performance and quality of output at technical recruiting companies.  This fizzle could overflow from IT staffing work into your personal life, affecting activities you once took interest in or putting unnecessary stress on relationships.  Put a stop to the problem before it begins by cutting yourself some slack.  You will return to IT recruiting firms feeling better prepared and ready to take on lingering tasks.

Tackle Other Projects

If you have been neglecting your own work or taking a break from your personal activities, use this time wisely to catch up in other areas.  By doing things you enjoy or crossing off tasks on your to do list, you will be diverting your attention away from tedious office work and feedback from hiring managers while refocusing your attitude.  You may actually be stressed from not accomplishing your own tasks!

Silence is Golden

Turn off your cell phone and computer while warning others ahead of time.  Provide an alternative contact in the event of an emergency at IT recruiting companies.  You might feel that you are being lazy, but this mental health day is your own holiday in recognition of your hard work and dedication.  Live it up!

IT professionals often feel that they must finish as many tasks in as little time as possible.  This is when stress peaks are at their greatest.  While it is admirable to meet and exceed expectations, go at a workable pace or create a schedule rather than struggling to meet unrealistic deadlines or taking on more work than necessary.  You may find you are better at staying at task and accomplishing work by setting goals than charging through project after project.

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