IT Recruiting: What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Technical recruiters typically take notes during phone conversations with prospective candidates and hiring managers.  The writing may be scribbles with some mark ups such as doodles on the margin or perfectly neat and aligned.  Ever wonder what the penmanship of IT recruiters says about their personality or mood?  Continue reading for some insight on everyday calligraphy.


Take note of the degree in slant for handwriting.  If it is leaning to the right, the IT recruiter may be more of a social butterfly and enjoy working with others.  When writing slants more to the left, the technical recruiter typically prefers working alone, focuses on attention to detail, and does not appreciate others trying to trump him with authority.  When recruiters of IT staffing companies have penmanship that seems to have no slant, they may be more rational decision makers and tend to let their emotions guide them.


When handwriting is large it means technical recruiting companies have confidence coupled with outgoing personalities… think John Hancock, they want to be noticed!  If penmanship is small, recruiters prefer to be focused or working in the background and may also be shy and thoughtful.  Those with average sized handwriting are considered easy going and well adjusted to different situations within the IT staffing industry.


Scrutinize loops if the handwriting is in cursive.  If loops tend to be closed, consider one’s mood.  Are they feeling agitated or easily annoyed?  Closed loops signify that one is unconvinced and discouraged while wider loops indicate an adventurous personality and expression of oneself.

Other Things to Think About…

Is the penmanship half cursive half print?  Some believe these may be the most intelligent workers of IT recruiting firms because the brain is working faster than the hand in these instances.  If words are rounder, this person may be a people pleaser and avoid confrontation.  Pointier letters indicate one is focused on his own wants and needs at the technical recruiting firm.  People who doodle in the margins tend to be the creative thinkers while those with neat notes have more organized thoughts.

All of these indications are up for debate, but fun to think about.  Next time you are on the phone with a client or taking notes at a presentation, take note of your handwriting.  It may be telling you more than you think!

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