IT Staffing Companies Advise to Stop Procrastinating Now

When a technical recruiter is given a task, does he start it right away or wait until the last possible minute to start?  The IT recruiter may begin the project, but find himself stuck on the perfect procedure or torn over decisions.  He may also find the task to be too trivial or tedious to be accomplished immediately and put it off as long as possible.  Whatever the case may be, the first step to overcoming procrastination is finding the reason why it is occurring.

Find Motivation

If technical recruiters believe they cannot accomplish a task, chances are they will be right.  Self deprecation is often the source to putting off projects or not achieving goals at IT staffing agencies.  Clear distractions and find inner motivation to tackle challenges.  If given the opportunity, work with positive, driven hiring managers and candidates for inspiration.

Make a List

Having a clear visual of what needs to be accomplished is an organized approach to defining technical recruiting workload.  Create a list of all your tasks, even the ones that seem too minor to list need to be taken into account.  Then, rank them in order of priority and deadline.  After the list is finalized, get ready to devise a plan.

Make a Plan

Plan how to accomplish a task in the simplest way possible while meeting all requirements in a timely manner.  Making the job harder than it needs to be in fear of mistakes or perfectionism is bound to delay the project further.  Implement the plan when it is ready to go while remaining focused and motivated with small rewards and breaks.


Be weary of mistakes or errors in the IT recruiting plan as they arise with frequent checks and balances.  Fix accordingly and maintain a steady pace when closing in on the finish and meeting the deadline.  When ready, cross the task off the list and consider it done!


IT recruiters should not be afraid to reward themselves frequently when finishing a step in their plan or landing a milestone.  The key to rewarding oneself, though, is to know limits.  Surfing the web for an hour will counteract an hour of completed work, so try to stay on task at IT recruiting companies.

After completing the list, IT headhunters may realize the hardest part of overcoming procrastination is just getting started and motivated!


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