Job Search Tip: Employers are Probably Googling You You

Some IT professionals are surprised when they find out that IT recruiters and potential employers Google them.  Some even ask if it’s illegal.  The truth is, if technical recruiters and employers aren’t running background checks on you, they’re very likely Googling you and checking out what you’ve posted publicly on social media.  One of the best job search tips that IT recruiters can give you is that Googling candidates is not only legal, it’s normal.

Candidates should know that IT staffing companies and employers are very likely to see what they’ve posted on social media publicly or to find a blog if it’s obviously connected to them.  Recent studies show that somewhere around 75 – 80% of employers will wind up doing at least some cursory Googling on a candidate before hiring them.  In the tech field it’s especially common for candidates to be handling sensitive data or a company’s digital infrastructure.  Sometimes this means that IT recruiting firms are required by law to run background checks on a candidate.  Sometimes it just means the employer needs IT staffing agencies to do a more basic check (like Googling) on a candidate.  Being able to trust a new hire, especially if they’re going to have access to a company’s sensitive data or digital infrastructure is paramount.

So what should you do to be ready for employers to Google you or do a background check?  For a background check, it’s pretty easy to prepare.  Your IT recruiting companies will often run these.  They’ll ask you for a little information, your permission, and then they’ll proceed.  If you have anything in your past that may hurt your chance at landing the IT jobs you’re being considered for, it’s important to speak to your IT staffing firms right away.  Explain what you think they could find and why it shouldn’t impede you from being a great fit for the job.  Sometimes IT recruiters can help advocate for you by explaining negative things that come up in a background check.  They have the ear of the hiring manager, so they will often listen to the recruiter instead of just taking the candidate out of the running.

To get ready for IT recruiting agencies and potential employers to Google you, there are a few more steps.  Start by cleaning up your social media.  Delete any political, intolerant, and controversial posts.  You should also delete any posts that show you doing things that are embarrassing.  (It’s also best to just delete any posts that show you drinking.) Your goal is to edit down your social media to show a version of you that wouldn’t offend or throw off any potential employers. In a recent study by Careerbuilder, as many as 48% of employers have found things on social media that made them reconsider hiring a candidate.  Potential employers have so little data about you when they make a hiring decision.  For this reason, you don’t want any of it to possibly be negatively perceived.  Once your online presence is cleaned up, test the waters and Google yourself.  If everything that comes up would be ok for an employer to see, you’re ready for your best job search.


Don’t wait for IT recruiters to stumble on it- clean up your online presence now. Photo credit: coyot via Pixabay.


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