Networking – The Key to Any IT Job Search

Ask any IT recruiter, the most important element to any job search is simply networking.   Whether you utilize IT recruiting agencies or the multitude of free sites available on the internet (such as LinkedIn), networking is by far the best means to finding IT jobs.

Utilize IT recruiters first:
Contacting IT staffing agencies should always be your first call.  IT recruiters have a vast network of clients, therefore, with one call you can tap into dozens and dozens of local IT jobs.  The more IT recruiting companies you reach out to, obviously equates to better and better odds.

Talk to as many IT recruiters as possible across numerous IT staffing agencies.  Meet with the IT recruiting firms, then find a handful of IT recruiters that you connect with and/or trust.  Build a relationship with those IT recruiters, and most importantly, stay in touch with them.  If you do this, you’ll have numerous IT recruiting firms working for you as you tackle your next networking initiative:  social media.

Social Media:
The advent of social media has transformed the IT recruiting industry.  It’s now easier than ever to network and foster relationships that will help you get a foot in the door.  Utilize LinkedIn.  This is one of the most powerful networking sites that IT recruiting companies utilize.  Connect with friends, former co-workers or even people who work internal within that dream company you’ve had your eye on for years.  Tap into these IT resources, then see who they know.  This is networking 101.

Networking Groups:
It might sound obvious, but networking groups are an excellent means to build relationships.  However, they’re probably one of the most under-utilized sources.  The point of the networking group is quite simple.  People are there to network.  Therefore, everyone has a purpose and each person should go out of their way to help one another out.  Reciprocity is imperative.  Some of the better networking groups actually provide “homework” for the participants.  If you’re tasked with finding the contact information for a specific IT manager for the person next to you, then you’re expected to show up at the next event with a name and number.  The same holds true in return.  Outside of utilizing IT staffing agencies, networking groups can drastically improve your chances of landing that next IT job.

Word of Mouth:
Good old fashioned networking starts by simply talking to people.  Remember how to do this?!  In a world of computers, email and text messaging, one of the best ways to network is simply just talking to people.  Get to know people in your every day life.  If you’re active, talk to people in your teams or different groups.  Talk to the person next to you in line, on the train, at a game or even in the elevator.  You never know.  The main point is simple:  get the word out there.

After reading this blog, then you know where you need to start.  Contact one of our IT recruiters at AVID Technical Resources and jump start your career.

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