Sink or Swim—Welcome to the World of IT Recruiting

Starting a new IT recruiting role in a different company can be a stressful experience.  From unfamiliar fellow IT recruiters and shared work space to unusual IT staffing business practices and procedures, severe changes can send new technical recruiters running in the opposite direction.  Before you decide to call it quits or look into other IT recruitment positions, here are some suggestions to ease the transition process.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

When you start at a new company, there is a strong chance your expectations of yourself are higher than that of your IT recruiting manager.  Managers understand there is a learning curve with new IT recruiters and encourage that you ask questions when you do not understand or uncertain.   New tasks and responsibilities may seem hard at first, but gradually they will become easier as you learn.


IT recruiting firms may seem more competitive and self-driven in terms of work, but IT staffing agencies thrive off team work.  Building relationships and connections help keep the firm running, so do not be afraid to speak to other coworkers or ask questions.  Remember that your peer IT recruiters have been in your situation before and can provide the best, most helpful advice.

Time Management

When you are feeling overwhelmed with tasks, write out each task in no particular order.  Once you have completed your list, rank each task in order of time sensitivity and priority, then tackle the list.  If you cannot commit enough time to thoroughly finish each task, express this concern.  IT staffing managers would rather hear you cannot commit to something than disappoint them later or let something slip through the cracks.

Keep a planner handy so you know when you will be busy or free for appointments.  If you forget to check your planner or fear you will lose it, set alarms for reminders.

Planning Goals

Setting up goals and creating plans can help you prepare for new IT recruiting tasks or responsibilities.  Maintain a positive attitude and recognize each time you accomplish one of your goals.  These goals are telltale signs that you are learning and progressing with the transition.

It might seem hard to catch on right away with some responsibilities or duties, but do not be afraid to ask questions.  Take notes and refer to them whenever possible.  It is when you do not address your concerns that you will be in over your head…

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