Sorting Through IT Staffing Agencies Is A Daunting Task

The demand for IT jobs has never been as high as it is in today’s market, and that demand is steadily on the rise.  The number of applicants who apply for an IT job opening can make the direct hire process a three-ring circus– and one worth avoiding all together.  As a result, the number of IT recruiting agencies is also on the rise, which makes your hiring process and sorting through all of these IT staffing agencies a daunting task.  When choosing an executive search service there are a few key factors that you will want to keep in the forefront of your mind.

There are numerous IT recruiting agencies out there.  You need to find one that will supply you with an unlimited amount of information about your prospective candidates.  By industry standard, you should receive an assessment of their skill sets, explanation of their past experiences, as well as their previous employment history.

In addition, you should receive a fair number of prospective candidates, whether you are looking for temps or full-time employees.  Although you do not want an overwhelming number of candidates, you do want enough of a variety to provide you with some diversity.  Either way, in the end, IT recruiting agencies should narrow down the candidate pool to only the best of the best.  This will save your company time, money, and resources throughout the direct-hire process.

Don’t be afraid to ask IT recruiting agencies how they assess their candidates.  IT recruiting agencies should be able to alliterate every aspect of the candidate, their assignments, as well as how their background pertains to you and your company.

Look for IT recruiting firms that have vast resources and a strong IT recruiting force to ensure you will find an agency that you are comfortable working with.  Choose an IT staffing firm that is specialized in technology and not spread among many lines of other industries that do not pertain to you (finance, accounting, biotech, light industrial or office support).   Choose AVID Technical Resources.

You need to work with IT recruiting agencies who can analyze your current needs and make selections and choices that will meet your company’s hiring and IT project initiatives.  It should not matter what industry you are in, what matters is how IT plays a role in your industry.  Your company deserves an IT recruiting agency that has the experience and skills of successfully matching prospective IT candidates to a wide variety of industries.  Choose AVID Technical Resources.

Be sure to consider how well IT recruiting agencies keep themselves abreast with the ever-changing technology.  Technology is always evolving and you need to work with a firm who is willing and capable of keeping up with those changes.

Pay special attention to how well IT recruiting agencies attract, and most importantly, retain their prospective candidates and IT contractors.  Remember, you are looking for the best of the best, so understanding how an IT staffing agency attracts and retains the best candidates is important.  Do not hesitate to ask.  It is a common question.

Further, you need an IT staffing company who has a proven track record.  Find out what some previous client experiences with the company have been like.  Do your homework and ask if you can contact previous clients to obtain a reference.

Lastly, research IT recruiting agencies.  Google their company name and read any reviews that might be posted online.

In the end, go with a company you can trust and one that has evolved with economy, as well as the changes in technology.   Go with AVID Technical Resources, one of the leading IT recruiting agencies in the industry and the only IT recruiting agency you’ll ever need.

AVID Technical Resources About AVID Technical Resources
AVID (Applications, Voice, Internet, Data) Technical Resources is a leading Information Technology recruiting company. Specializing in placing contract and permanent personnel in both Infrastructure Support and Applications Development positions, AVID has a national presence supporting clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Headquartered in Boston, MA, AVID has achieved tremendous growth since the firm's inception in 2003. This has triggered numerous national awards and recognition, such as being named to Inc. 500 Magazine's list of 5,000 Fastest Growing Privately-held Companies in the US in 2010, 2011 and 2013. Additionally, the firm boasts of having more than 100 five-star reviews on Google from clients and candidates who rave about their experience and interaction with the firm's recruiters.