Starting a Hobby Outside of Your IT Recruiting World

A day in the life of technical recruiters differs from the typical nine to five.  We start early and leave the office late to accommodate clients’ schedules. IT staffing firms are always looking to improve performance and meet goals.  However, what some do not realize is that the key to success may lie outside of the IT recruiting office. Rather than having work define the self-worth of an IT recruiter, one should focus on other positive aspects of their lives and consider starting a hobby.


Focusing solely on work will spur an individual to burn out and experience increased levels of stress in the technical recruiting industry. Anxiety and mood swings stem from feeling overwhelmed, which will ultimately affect one’s output. Starting new hobbies will drive creativity and improve performance. When IT recruiters dedicate time to an enjoyable activity, they temporarily drift from troubles and refresh the mind and enhance focus.

Reaching new goals will help improve one’s self esteem and confidence.  IT headhunters will be more motivated to succeed in other areas when they see their new potential. Even if life in the IT staffing office is good, it is still important to have a separate outlet in the event that stress levels escalate.


Not Enough Time

A common excuse for IT recruiters is that they do not have enough time to dedicate to a hobby. When one considers that the activity may improve job performance, it is then they will consider fitting it in their schedule. Even if it is once a week or every day for fifteen minutes, every little bit will help create a change.

Which One?

It is recommended that one invests some time in researching hobbies before making a commitment. If a technical recruiter finds they do not enjoy their hobby, they could end up more stressed. Before a plan is made, they should test out activities and find which they enjoy best.

IT recruiting firms work hard to be successful and their employees deserve some fun. If you already have a hobby, extend an invite to a co-worker. You have the potential to build a relationship outside of the office while also burning off some stress!

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