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Keywords, the main ingredient to being found

In the IT staffing, there are keywords that are specific to a certain job position.  Each one varies and allows them to find the appropriate candidates.  Some keywords for example would be ‘Java’ or ‘.NET’.

When IT recruiters go on websites such as Career Builder and Monster, they type in keywords (such as skill sets) to search for resumes.  Technical recruiters are usually well versed in using Boolean searching techniques in order to optimize their resume searches.  Therefore, in order to make sure you come up in relevant searches, use the skills keywords that will help IT recruiters find you.  Do not use terms that are not commonly used or synonyms.  Be direct on your resume and include exactly what it is that you are skilled in.

IT recruiting agencies train their IT recruiters to pay close attention to keywords in IT job descriptions.  Therefore take a look at a job description that interests you and model your resume using the relevant keywords.