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Where are the IT jobs? In the IT Healthcare Industry!

The healthcare industry has been updating and improving many of their EMR and PACS systems within hospitals and doctors’ offices.  Workers within these facilities have to adjust to new machines and programs that will help them improve as a healthcare professional.  Therefore, the healthcare space is yet another growing field within the information technology industry.

Getting your start in the Healthcare IT field can prove to be challenging.  When we asked a number of our IT recruiters, their recommendation was to look for contract IT job opportunities with hospitals.  If a high tech professional is able to get their foot in the door within a hospital, it could lead to exposure to additional healthcare IT technologies or even headway directly into EMC or PACS (both of which are at the forefront of healthcare technologies).

Keep your eye out for contract IT job opportunities with hospitals.  Be sure to let IT recruiters know if you’re willing to relocate or travel, as it will obviously open up more opportunities for you.  Finally, look for healthcare IT certifications.  The more  relevant experience and certifications you can put on your resume, the better chance you have of being identified by an IT recruiting company or client directly.