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Technical Recruiters Warn LinkedIn Don’ts: Part I

IT recruiters use sites such as LinkedIn, Monster, and CareerBuilder on a daily basis.  From searching for prospective candidates to building their networks, these sites provide technical recruiting companies the opportunity to follow trends and updates in the information technology industry.  If you are actively seeking IT jobs and have an account on these sites, be weary of these common mistakes.

Your Profile Picture

LinkedIn is not Facebook nor is it Twitter, so never mix up the two.  Profile pictures should be professional headshots, not full body, a picture of your children, nor a vacation photo of you and your spouse.  If you do not have a professional headshot, be sure to use an up to date photo of yourself with a neutral background.

Keep it Objective

While you can add someone you met last weekend on Facebook, the IT staffing industry strongly discourages you from doing so on LinkedIn.  Leave connecting for those you share a direct relationship with.  The purpose of connecting is not to have the most connections in your network.  Rather, it is the quality of those relationships that is important.  When a technical recruiter requests to add someone to their network, they should personalize the message to explain why they wish to connect.  IT recruiting firms should only request recommendations from those who can provide an accurate review of their skills and performance.

Maintain Your Profile

Your profile should be up to date with an accurate description of your tasks and responsibilities.  Use keywords in your title and maintain a public profile so it appears on Google searches.  Add relevant groups that reflect your career goals and ideal IT job.  Never post a status that makes others feel uncomfortable.  Rule of thumb: if you would not say it in the IT recruiting office, do not post it.

Check in for Technical Recruiters Warn LinkedIn Don’ts: Part II for a realistic perspective of why you should be mindful of your LinkedIn behavior!

IT Recruiting: Out with Summer, In with Fall

As the summer winds down, technical recruiting companies get a second wind.  With children returning to school, parents experienced in the information technology industry may seek IT jobs to fill up free time.  Interns return to their respective colleges and universities, leaving technical recruiters to take on the workload.  How can IT recruiters still manage their time while appreciating the fall?


IT recruiters Boston have the luxury of New England’s infamous fall weather and beautiful foliage.  Take a walk after work through the woods or plan a weekend hike with friends.  Go for a drive north and see what the hype is with leaf peeping.  Many farms offer apple picking which can be great for children as well as adults, plus you will have a treat to bring in the IT staffing office after.

Social Life

The fall is pumpkin season, so grab a fellow recruiter and treat yourselves to a pumpkin muffin and coffee.  A hard day in the life of technical recruiting agencies?  Go downtown for pumpkin ale after work.  If you are more of a baker, carve a pumpkin and use the inside to make a pie or bread.

Oktoberfest lasts from mid-September through the beginning of October.  IT recruiting companies can attend the Harpoon Brewery’s celebration or Harvard Square’s festivities with friends and family.  Once the celebration dies down, you can begin preparing for Halloween.

Get Out of Town

If you miss Oktoberfest, plan a long weekend getaway for Columbus Day or a vacation and research the best deals.  With off-season rates and less tourists, you will be able to enjoy your time off more while leaving some money in your pocket, too.  If you cannot plan a whole trip, buy tickets to a football game and make a day out of it with tailgating!

Making the Most of Your IT Recruiting Internship

The best way to subsidize a college career is with real world experience in the IT staffing world.  An internship provides skills and knowledge within the information technology industry that one cannot learn in a classroom without having to commit to a full time IT job.  They also allow students and prospective technical recruiters the opportunity to challenge themselves and discover a potential career path.  Here are some tips for making the most of an internship for IT headhunters.

Being Professional

Just because a technical recruiting internship is not a full time position does not mean it shouldn’t be treated like one.  Interns should anticipate arriving on time daily, maintaining an upbeat attitude, and eagerly accepting any task that is at hand.  Be respectful to others and try to mirror other employees’ dress and work demeanor.  Remember outside of the office interns still represent the IT staffing firms so be mindful of actions.

Work Ethic

Some interns feel because their position is temporary that they only need to complete assigned work.  Technical recruiting firms seek interns who meet and exceed expectations whenever possible.  When an assignment is complete, an intern should maintain focus and ask for additional challenges.  Setting goals and working on multiple projects provides more exposure which will spruce up the intern’s resume and provide discussion for future interviews.

IT recruiting companies would rather see their intern succeed than struggle, so never sacrifice quality for quantity.  Take notes and ask questions if directions are not clear. Hard work and thinking outside of the box sets others apart, but never trump others to make it to the top.

Ending an Internship

The best part of internships is the networking within technical staffing agencies.  Connect with IT recruiters on LinkedIn.  Do not be afraid to ask for recommendations.  If possible, make a portfolio of the accomplished work or a book of achievements.  Stay in touch with a manager and view them as a mentor for the future.

An internship might not guarantee a full time perm position, but it is a step in the right direction!

Old School Networking – Career Fairs

With job listing sites such as Monster.com, LinkedIn, and CareerBuilder, it is hard to remember the basics of face to face networking.  Career fairs provide the opportunity to network with hiring managers and technical recruiters, but people often avoid them because they have not been properly prepared for them.  Use these tips to take full advantage of your next job fair.


Career fairs typically list the IT staffing companies and direct clients who will be present at the event with the guest list ranging from few to many corporations.  It is your responsibility to sift through the list and choose IT recruiting firms or direct companies that interest you.  IT staffing agencies work with some big names in the information technology industry, so it is wise to keep them in mind.  Once you have compiled your list, research the businesses so you know their backgrounds and impress representatives with any news within the companies or industries.

Look your best and always dress to impress with a neatly pressed suit.  Aim to arrive early as reps can be overwhelmed at peak hours and burned out by the end of the day.


With all the free loot and business cards going around, the whole experience can seem overwhelming.  Maintain self control and focus on your goal.   Keep copies of your resume tucked away and give one only to businesses or technical recruiters that interest you.  Try to build a connection with the rep while talking up your accomplishments and skills.  Mention something unique about yourself or in the conversation so the IT staffing representative will remember you.  Try to use your rep’s name in the conversation to help solidify the relationship as you will seem more genuine.  Exchange contact information and be sure to walk away with business cards.


Review the material you have collected and remove any IT recruiting companies that did not interest you.  If you are having second thoughts about a corporation, put it to the side.  Follow up with a unique thank you note to the IT recruiters or company representatives that you met and reiterate your interest in the company, but keep it simple so you do not sound desperate.  Mention the unique attribute from your conversation so they can put a face to your email.

The wait period can be the most difficult part of the IT job hunting process.  From being rejected to no response, the procedure is often frustrating.  Giving up is the last thing you want to do.  The business cards you collected can be handy for future opportunities, just remember to stay in touch!

How to overcome your fear of Public Speaking

As an IT staffing salesperson, you will have to meet with hiring managers of all levels in the information technology industry. From Director-level to VP to CTO, you are constantly making presentations for individuals or groups. If you have a fear of public speaking, you may become anxious or even avoid these types of meetings that could ultimately drive revenue for you and the IT recruiting firm that you work for. This anxiety may also prohibit you from attending networking events or any other social networking function that could produce big returns.

If you find it hard to approach new people or strike up a conversation with fellow IT recruiters, you need to practice speaking with others. A good way to practice is with friends. You can head out with friends and make an attempt to meet a new person every time you go somewhere. This will help you get over the fear of speaking with someone new while having an initial security blanket. Take note of what they say and make an attempt to show a keen interest in what they are talking about.

One other thing you can do is practice what you are going to say during your IT staffing presentation. You do not need to memorize things exactly, but rehearse your pitch and prepare answers to typical question that IT managers may ask. The more prepared you are for a meeting the more confidence you will have. As a salesperson in the IT recruiting industry, public speaking is not only a tool that will help you network, it will ultimately put money in your pocket.

If you plan on advancing in your IT recruitment career, you will eventually be giving presentations and speaking to managers and executives in your technical recruiting company. Therefore, practice your public speaking. It will give you the confidence you need and help you in various aspects of your life.

Quick Response Time to Meet IT Staffing Needs

Companies utilize technical recruiting firms for their quick ability to deliver highly qualified information technology professionals virtually immediately upon request.  There are many reasons why AVID Technical Resources is one of the leading IT recruiting companies Boston.  However, our ability to identify candidates within 24-48 hour window is among the fastest in the IT staffing industry.  Upon receiving a requirement, AVID typically has a 1-2 day turnaround time for all submittals.  In most cases, we come through with candidate/candidates immediately, or within hours, of receiving the requirement due to our volume of recruiters and prospective candidates.

The secret to our quick turn-around starts with our hard work.  Quite simply, the more candidates our IT recruiters contact, the better our odds of finding the best IT consultants for our clients as fast as possible.  Our IT recruiters are also constantly proactively sourcing for both infrastructure support and applications development contractors and full-time candidates.  Therefore, when a client calls with urgent IT jobs, our IT recruiters Boston typically have candidates at their fingertips.

Additionally, our quick response time is the result of our proven, thorough IT recruitment process.  Once we receive a requirement, anywhere from 1 to 20+ technical recruiters Boston can be assigned to work on the position.  The IT recruiters will then meet with the IT staffing sales manager (who is dedicated to the client with the opening) in an effort to review all of the details and provide any additional specific information.  Our technical recruiters then tap into our robust database of information technology professionals, access all the resume boards and post the position on the many IT job sites that we pay for annually. All the time we’re constantly digging for referrals and networking to find that perfect match for your technical job opening.

Once we identify an information technology candidate, or candidates, and our IT recruiters MA successfully check references, they prepare the resume for submittal to our clients.  This thorough process is typically completed with 1-2 days.

Various Motivators to Consider When Looking at New IT Jobs

It seems simple, but the most important thing to know about a candidate’s current situation is their motivation to make a career move. Different things motivate different people and it’s important to understand the big picture so that you are able to partner with IT recruiters Boston to not just find your next IT job but the next move in your career.  Here is a list of the typical motivators that candidates should look at in their next contract or full-time opportunity:

  • Total Compensation

o        Does the IT staffing firm or client company offer matching 401k? Stock options? How long until you are fully vested? Does the company offer bonus potential and is it a variable or standard percentage? These are all things that add value to your base salary and can make a position with a lateral salary change more attractive.

  • Set Yourself up for Future Success

o        As many IT recruiters know, the value of high-tech professionals is largely predicated around their technical ability and/or knowledge of the hottest technologies.  Therefore, be sure to investigate whether your company has outdated technologies?  If they do, are they planning to upgrade?  Are they dynamic and are they willing to invest in information technology?

  • Benefits

o        Do you have a family and 100% medical care coverage important to you? Do you need dental insurance?  Is vision mandatory?  These are all important factors to consider when reviewing an overall package.

  • Location

o        Do you prefer to be in the city or would you rather an office park or the suburbs?  How far is the commute?  Most successful technical recruiters ask their candidates to imagine the same commute during Friday traffic, a rain or even snowstorm.  Run all variables through your mind so you don’t set yourself up for a big mistake.

  • Work/Life Balance

o        Are you a young professional that can work 60 hours a week? Have you “paid your dues” and want to work 8-5 and get home in time to coach little league? Would a free on-site gym or child care services be attractive to you as a candidate? Does the company offer flexible time or the ability to work remotely?  Different companies offer different benefits, it’s important to see a full benefits package before making a decision.

When you begin your IT job search, it’s best to establish what is motivating you overall. This paints an accurate picture of what to look for in your next role.

Money may not always be your main motivator. If you accept an opportunity based solely on compensation, you are more likely to leave that role soon or later once another opportunity for more money comes up.

Staying Too Connected to the World?

No matter where you go, there is always a device that will immediately notify you about what is going on.  Recently, there was a debate over alcohol caffeinated drinks being legal.  My university emailed the students warning them about these drinks and the consequences of not using them properly. After that, our school news wrote a blog about the issues pertaining to Four Loko’s specifically.

If that wasn’t enough, text messages were being sent and class discussions revolved around the topic of whether or not this drink should be illegal.  Within a couple of days Four Loko’s had received so much press whether it was virtual, print, or word of mouth.

It’s the small things like this that make you think about how connected you really are.  If someone really wanted to reach you, there would be so many ways in which they can succeed.  Information technology has not only advanced exponentially, but we as a generation have adapted and embraced it so quickly.

From my days as an intern with an IT recruiting firm Boston, I could see firsthand how critical information technology is to the technical recruiters and IT staffing salespeople.  Seeing how much the IT recruiting agency relied on technology, and how much easier it made their jobs, was certainly eye opening for me.  Therefore, I started thinking more about the pros and cons of advancing technologies.

If you’re a candidate looking for a technical position, you can be notified about a new IT jobs in multiple ways to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity.  IT Staffing agencies also have many mediums in which to inform both clients and prospective candidates about their services.  If you don’t immediately see the posting on the IT recruiting firm’s website, then you can get an email or text sent directly to your phone.

But is there a way to get away from all this connectivity? Not everyone wants to be connected to the world all time.  Should we be able to turn it off? If you look at the younger generation, they have adapted even faster to new technologies and cannot seem to function without it.

The iPad vs. Notebooks

Like most people, the iPad has certainly grabbed my attention.  I recently moved out of Boston, MA and now face a 30-minute commute to work.  Because I utilize public transportation, I have a half hour of down time each way.  This gives me an opportunity to catch up on some work, or in this case, even write a blog entry for our IT recruiting firm’s website.

Now I just need to find the right technology to maximize my time.  I started researching the iPad and various lightweight notebooks about two weeks ago.  I began reading technical reviews online and began asking some of our technical specialists and IT recruiters their feedback and exposure to each.  I explained that my first priority is finding something lightweight.  My second is speed, with third being memory.  Since I’m not a gamer, and will spending most of the time working online or utilize Microsoft Office, there aren’t many additional features that I really need as an owner of an IT staffing agency.  Having said that, this already narrowed my search considerably.


I first researched the iPad.  It doesn’t get much lighter at 1.5 lbs.  Apple has loaded the machine with almost all apps known to mankind.  Additional features include Bluetooth, WiFi, optional 3G wireless, 10 hours of battery life, typical MAC creative features that include vibrant pictures, photo frame, moving rentals and excellent gaming options.

On the flip side, the iPad does not come with Microsoft Office (although apparently there’s a software than you can download which will at least let you read MS Office docs).  Additionally, since there is no physical keyboard, just a touch screen (that is quite small), it may definitely take some getting used to.   The iPad also does not have a disc drive to download software, listen to CD’s or watch DVD’s.  However, in today’s information technology age where you can download the software, as well as music and even movies, you don’t lose all that much.

The consensus from all of the IT recruiters Boston who we polled is the iPad is amazing if you want something very small and light just to do some reading, net browsing and hold pictures/videos.  It won’t replace most of the functionality of a laptop.  Therefore if you’re looking for a notebook (for typical laptop use), this probably isn’t your best option.

Toshiba Protege R500

Next, I spoke to a number of high-tech professionals and researched all of the lightest notebooks on the market.  I narrowed my choice down to the Toshiba Protege R500.

Still light, weighing in at about 2.5 lbs, the Protege has a 12-inch display (obviously much larger than the iPad).  The battery life doesn’t last very long (5 hours) in comparison to the iPad’s, but it certainly ranks well versus many of the other laptops on the market.  The speed and memory are average, but can be upgraded if needed.

Some knocks on this desktop are the lack of a WebCam and mobile broadband antenna, as well as the fact that the machine has a tendency to heat up quite a bit (which also launching a fairly loud fan to cool the system down).

To summarize, the iPad is the lightest machine, but not having Microsoft Office or even a physical keyboard (especially for someone in the IT recruiting industry who types constantly), is a big turnoff.  Since the lightest of the notebooks is still only about a pound heavier than the iPad, but includes all of the necessary features, the decision is an easy one.  Apple will have to wait to get my business.

How to keep your IT job search on track

Looking for an IT job is a daunting task.  You are constantly worried about finding an IT job description that you fit and making sure you have the qualifications.  It isn’t easy and there are many distractions.

Here are a few tips from our IT recruiters about find a job in the Information Technology Industry:

1. Keep track of the IT jobs


When searching through different websites you will end up applying to the same IT job if they appear in different search engines.  Therefore, be sure to keep track to each that you apply to.

2. Don’t Double Submit

If you’re working with various IT staffing agencies, communicate what IT jobs you have applied to so they don’t double submit your resume.  This looks bad for everyone.

3. Organize your IT job searching time

Throughout your entire search, IT recruiters suggest allotting a certain amount of time to each task.  You should divide it up in searching for IT jobs, applying to the IT jobs, and preparing documents for applications and submissions.  If you do not divvy up your free time, then you might spend too much time on one task.

4. Follow up

Keep a spreadsheet of all the IT jobs that you applied to, then mark the date.  Follow up with the contact person once a week with a call or an email.  If you’re utilizing an IT recruitment firm, then follow up with your respective IT recruiter.  Hint, if you don’t have a contact person’s name, try to find a profile on Linkedin.

We hope these tips help you find that ideal IT job.  If you need more help in your IT job search, call an IT staffing agency such as AVID Technical Resources.  They’ll put you in touch with a qualified IT recruiter to assist with your search and set you on the right path.