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IT Experiences vs. IT Certifications

The question our IT recruiters often get from prospective candidates is whether it’s better to have the technical experience or IT certifications.  While there is no black and white answer, the truth is that it all depends upon the client (and more specifically the IT manager him or herself).

Having said that, from this technical recruiters perspective, and shared by most IT recruiters Boston in the IT staffing industry, experience typically outweighs certifications.  However, it’s difficult to generalize an answer as it depends upon the information technology professional’s level of experience, and just as important, what specific technologies he or she knows.

Certifications don’t amount to much if a candidate has a strong background with a specific technology that is in demand.  Strong Sharepoint or .NET Developers can write their own ticket right now – with our without Microsoft certifications.  Generally speaking, IT certifications do not mean the candidate is an expert with that technology. However, with all things being equal, IT certifications could put you over the top if it’s between you and another candidate with the same background.

Therefore, if you truly want to play it safe, focus on gaining experience with the hottest technologies on the market, then go out and get your certifications.  This will only increase your value as an IT consultant and make you more marketable to IT recruiters and IT recruiting agencies.  

Could IT Contractor Pay Rates Finally be Increasing?

Over the past couple of years, client companies have limited overtime, reduced the number of hours an IT consultant can work in a week, and even rolled out pay cuts.  IT staffing firm bill rates are down; therefore IT contractor pay rates have been lowered as well.  All of which are a result of the terrible recession that our nation has been fighting through for the past two years.

However, IT recruiting has experienced a change over the past 6 months.  Client bill rates are steadily on the rise, resulting in higher pay rates for IT consultants.  Here’s an example from this IT staffing firm: Last June, our client hired a .NET Developer for a 6-month engagement for $70/hr.  Almost exactly one year later, our IT recruiters placed a .NET resource for $85/hr with the same client.  He had a similar background and experience level.  The difference in rate is significant, and it maybe be an indicator that the worst should be behind us. Overall, IT staffing companies across the country are reporting an increase in contract and permanent hiring.  As the demand increases, IT contractor pay rates will climb.  The economy is heading back in the right direction – and although it will still take some time – there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.