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Productivity in IT

IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA are all aware of the evergreen issue of keeping IT consultants as productive as possible.  There are two general reasons why IT staffing agencies might find that their IT contractors are not as productive as they could be.

The first reason IT staffing firms might hear that IT professionals are not meeting the expectations of their IT jobs is actually related to IT managers and other co-workers.  Constant interruptions—including personal, email, phone calls, text messages, etc all take time away from productivity.  IT recruiting companies have noticed that these interruptions take time away from productivity in two ways: in the moment of the interruption and response, time is lost.  However, IT staffing companies also point to the adjustment time in getting back into work after the interruption.

The second major reason IT recruiting firms hear that IT contractors might not be living up to the potential of their resumes is their own ability to focus in work.  Information technology positions, like most others tend to be affected by the availability of the internet, smartphones, or other office distractions.  Thankfully, some of the same technology that distracts us can also provide solutions for maintaining focus.  IT recruiting firms can point to plenty of apps that help workers stay focused, rather than checking irrelevant websites or various phone messages.

Weakness and Mistakes are No Longer Taboo in IT

IT professionals are experiencing a new trend: information technology companies are reporting their mistakes and weaknesses in real time (or something very close).  This means as a startup’s founder admits to his massive error in front of a large collective audience including IT recruiting companies, IT headhunters, and IT consultants, the damage from that mistake has just barely been fixed.  IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA are finding a new kind of candid attitude that might be a direct product of the etiquette and speed of social media.

IT contractors and IT managers are participating in social media that demands blatant honesty and moves at the speed of real time.  Technical recruiters could be tweeting what they’re eating for breakfast as they eat it.  This tweet, of course, will be followed by a slew of more throughout the day.  This kind of pace and honesty is possibly making startups and other companies far more willing to share their weaknesses with IT staffing firms.  If IT recruiting companies become aware of a company’s weakness or mistake, this will not seem so odd in a culture influenced heavily by a digital culture of honesty.  And furthermore, this information will probably be replaced by new information so quickly that IT staffing companies will forget it quickly.


IT Sees An Infusion of New Jobs

As big data pervades more and more of everyday life, new IT jobs crop up at a faster pace for IT contractors.  IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA are seeing a new infusion of very different kinds of jobs into the IT market.  IT staffing agencies are noticing new job openings at companies that previously had no or very little need for IT headhunters.  Industries like fitness and weight loss are suddenly seeking IT recruiting companies and IT professionals at a far more frequent pace.  IT consultants are not only finding economic value in this expansion, but chances to take forays into new industries.  IT recruiting firms can bring IT professionals’ resumes into intriguing new fields where information technology is suddenly more useful as big data becomes sought after.  Of course, the best part about big data is that it’s here to stay and IT staffing companies will only see more business from this growth in the market.


Free Office Perks in IT Have Hidden Costs

IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA are fascinated by the lore of fantastic office perks that information technology companies are offering.  IT consultants and IT managers are being wooed by more than just interesting IT jobs.  IT staffing companies are promising IT contractors, on behalf of their clients, things ranging from free food, to free laundry, to free haircuts.  These perks all tend to come with hidden price tags, though.  IT professionals who work at companies with extensive perks are probably expected to work similarly extensive hours.  IT headhunters are noticing that the perks make those long hours easier, as distractions from life outside work are taken care of.  IT staffing agencies have also noticed that the toll of these perks can be even more obvious—in the forms of protruding bellies.  IT recruiting companies can certainly point to the unfortunate side effects of extensive perks: it’s all in the waistline.


Success in IT– More than Just Job Performance

IT Staffing companies and IT managers have plenty of criteria for what makes good IT professionals. Though some of these criteria are obvious from resumes, IT recruiting companies definitely have preferences that extend to more personal areas, like behavior in the workplace.  IT staffing firms definitely prefer to work with IT contractors who are social, but don’t tend to socialize with other employees known for being slackers or doing the bare minimum.  IT recruiting agencies also prefer to work with IT consultants who do things like showing up early, leaving late, and looking focused during the day.  Even if one is getting their work done perfectly, certain behaviors can make them a target for management and make their technical recruiters look bad. IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA all agree that they want to work with people who not only do their IT jobs, but contribute to a healthy, effective, happy work environment.


It’s a Startup World—in IT at Least

IT staffing firms have noticed IT managers and IT contractors heading to startupsin droves recently.  Information technology lends itself especially well to the start-up format, so it’s no wonder that IT consultants seem to find that company format the most alluring.  The speed of the Internet and technology in general certainly lends itself to small companies full of IT professionals who aim to grow at break-neck pace.  The easy accessibility and low cost of the tools needed in IT is also a factor in the startup boom that IT staffing companies have noticed.  IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA may also have seen startups growing in popularity due to the celebrity of companies like Facebook.  IT recruiting agencies could easily point to the narrative of success that has formed around fun, young startups that become successful overnight.  Whether this narrative is always, or even sometimes true, might be debatable among IT recruiting firms.  However, one thing that is not debatable is the staying power of the startup in the IT staffing companies’ landscape.  These kinds of companies have made their presence know to technical recruiters and they won’t be leaving for a while.

Multitasking and IT? Not Always Compatible

Like most professional fields, information technology has become enamored with the idea of multitasking.  IT managers, IT staffing firms, and IT contractors are all quick to tout the value of working on multiple projects at once.  However, IT professionals and IT recruiters should beware the multitasking-oriented viewpoint as sole indicator of success.  While resumes always look great with more accomplishments listed rather than less, IT staffing firms know that sometimes quality really does trump quantity.  This can be especially true when it comes to projects that IT consultants, like programmers, do that require copious attention to detail.  IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA would do themselves a service to work with somebody who has a stellar record of achievement rather than a long list of projects they did vaguely well on.  Glowing recommendations should guide technical recruiters’ interest rather than the density of a resume.

The Rise of the IT Celebrity

Technical recruiters and IT professionals have noticed a trend in information technology: the making of IT celebrities.  IT staffing firms, IT consultants, and IT managers are often not even remotely famous.  In fact, IT headhunters and IT contractors tend to be anonymous even at work, represented by their email signature or code rather than their actual voice or face.

IT recruiters CA aren’t the only ones noticing a sudden rise in profiles, IT recruiters Boston also have seen big names in IT start making the news.  IT headhunters read about one of Yahoo’s major players from the east coast when her name made news as her status as a cross-country telecommuter was jeopardized.  IT staffing firms are reading countless articles and blogs about people with IT jobs like Sheryl Sandberg and Sean Parker.  IT recruiting firms are noticing that these articles aren’t just focusing on resumes, either.  Sometimes lifestyle details like Sean Parker’s wedding are being read around the Internet by IT staffing companies.

Seating at IT Companies

IT staffing firms and IT managers know that sometimes where IT consultants sit during the day at work can have a huge impact on their performance.  IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA know that Information technology can have offices that feel particularly isolating, no matter how full they are.  IT recruiting agencies have seen firsthand that staring at a computer screen for 8 hours can pre-empt contact between IT consultants very effectively.  IT headhunters are seeing an increasing interest in seating that encourages serendipitous encounters between IT contractors.  Recently in the news, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer called all Yahoo IT professionals back to the office in order to promote more of these serendipitous encounters. More articles have touted the value of a seating chart that promotes teamwork in IT jobs and IT recruiting companies are looking for IT job candidates who are more amenable to these arrangements.


Eye Contact in the IT Workplace

A big way to make an impact at IT jobs is to correctly utilize a seemingly small thing: eye contact.  IT staffing firms and IT managers work with more than just resumes; they work with people.

IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA would all agree that a personable employee who makes a connection is preferable. IT consultants can make a big impression by making sure to maintain comfortable eye contact with co-workers and supervisors.  Especially in the information technology field, where IT contractors might constantly have a screen nearby, keeping their eyes on the person they’re talking to will be deeply appreciated. IT recruiting companies love to work with IT professionals who are especially adept at maintaining the right amount of eye contact: not too much (which can feel creepy) and not too little (which can feel rude).  IT staffing firms also appreciate working with job candidates who can correctly interpret eye contact.  Managers tend to look most at the people who perform well and are reliable in the office.  IT recruiting firms certainly want to work with the kinds of people who work hard to get that approving, interested gaze from management.