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Coming to an IT Company Near You: More Women

IT recruiting agencies, IT consultants, and the information technology industry as a whole has long decried its lack of women, especially in powerful positions.  Recently, however, it seems as though strides have been made towards actually doing something about this problem.  IT recruiters and IT contractors will certainly recognize the name Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s hyper-visible CEO who recently ended Yahoo’s telecommuting policy.  IT staffing companies are also likely to know her friend and fellow female tech executive Sheryl Sandberg.  Sandberg’s feminist manifesto brings a new perspective that is particularly relevant to technical recruiters and the IT professionals with whom they work.

The charge to bring more women into IT jobs  isn’t just coming from the top, though.  Various programs are being promoted and implemented in schools to make Math, Science, coding, and programming more popular amongst young girls.  IT recruiting companies may not yet see an increase in resumes from women, but a solid investment in future generations of female IT professionals is certainly equally important.   Hopefully the combined current efforts of these various feminists will inspire even more women to make themselves available to IT recruiters Boston, IT recruiters CA, and IT recruiters NY.