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How to Prepare For IT Job Fairs

It is that time of the year again, where career fairs are popping up everywhere.  If you are back at school finishing up your MBA or your bachelor’s degree, you may need to start looking for that IT job.  There are a few things you will need to keep in mind when attending these IT recruiting events.

First of all, make sure you research the IT recruiting agency or company beforehand.  You as a prospective candidate need to show a keen interest in the firm.  Learn a little about the IT recruiters or hiring managers representing the company.  Find out what their role is and even where they were prior to joining the company.  All this can be found on Linkedin.  Where knowledge is power, and hitting it off with a prospective employer is critical, use the information that is at your fingertips.

Second, you should think about your ideal role and what additional positions that you’re qualified to fill.  Even if the various IT recruiting agencies Boston or client companies are not advertising your desired position, leave them with a resume.  You never know when an IT job position will open up.  If the Boston recruiters already have your information, you may be one of the first prospective candidates on their list when that high tech job opens up.

Next, come prepared.  As an information technology professional looking for a new job, you need to dress the part.  Do not go in jeans and a t-shirt.  Try business casual or business formal.  First impressions are critical.  In addition, make sure you have enough copies of your resume and of course do not forget to proofread it to make sure all the necessary technology keywords are on there.

Finally, break out of your comfort zone.  IT job fairs are useless unless you talk to IT recruiters and/or prospective employers.  If there’s a long line to speak with technical recruiters, then wait in it.  If you feel awkward about approaching a potential employer, walk up and introduce yourself.  The more people you meet, the better your chance of making a connection that will help you find that next IT job.

Are Business Condos the Way to go for IT Staffing Companies?

If you have the savings, it’s the age-old question, is it time to rent or buy?  Although this is often a personal decision with regard to a residential property, the same should hold true on the commercial side.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to leasing vs. buying a business condo.  Renting obviously provides you with flexibility.  If you’re a small IT recruiting firm, unaware of what your future holds, you may be biting off too little, or possibly even too much, than you can chew.  Purchasing a business condo may lock you into a space that you’ll either out-grow or may never fully use.  Additionally it can be a financial handcuff that you never recover from.  Your business will have its ebbs and flows, but your mortgage will always be constant.  For some companies, the heavy financial burden can be crippling.

Here’s some advice from someone who has been there.  Just four years into the birth of my IT recruiting company, we purchased a 4,000 square foot office condo in downtown Boston, MA.  Home to the HQ of AVID Technical Resources; this space solidifies our flagship office.  While there were many unknowns when we bought the condo (our future revenue, future IT recruiting force, the commercial value in a market where business condos were scarce and in a city already pricing out many other IT staffing companies), we took the calculated risk based on a couple of certainties.  First, we saved every dollar earned and were able to put enough money down to make our mortgage manageable.  Second, based on the number of colleges in Boston, the city will always be a hotbed for start-ups and companies looking to tap into these educational resources.  These vary reasons have historically driven the commercial leasing market, making Boston one of the most expensive rentals in the country.  Subsequently, our mortgage would be no greater, and in fact possibly even less, than a typical 5-year rental.  Third, whether you purchase a house for your family or a business condo for your company, it gives you the chance to build equity instead of handing your money to a landlord.  Finally, and probably the biggest factor that drove our decision, we had confidence in our ability and in the future of our IT recruiting agency.

Even after a virtual real estate market collapse, I can sit here almost four years later and honestly say purchasing our office condo was one of the best decisions we made (for ourselves and for the future of our IT recruiting company).  In fact, as we continue to expand across the country and open up additional IT staffing locations, you can be sure we’ll be looking to purchase office space in future cities as well.

Branding Your IT Staffing Company’s Name

There are many different ways you can brand an IT recruiting agency.  Ultimately the marketing initiatives come down to budget, manpower, strategy and effort.  If your IT staffing firm is strong in all three of these areas, then you’ll be in good shape.  If you’re a small technical staffing company, then you must focus on the effort part.  Larger IT recruiting firms Boston may be heavy on the budget side, but actually weak on the strategy.

Branding your IT staffing company starts with developing your company’s logo.  This will create brand recognition for your clients and prospective technical candidates.  Business cards, company letterhead and stationary should be made.  Folders and pamphlets explaining your IT recruiting firm’s capabilities are a good idea as well.

Branding your company can also include creating promotional products and other client handouts with the logo of your IT recruiting agency.  Be sure to include your company’s contact info and/or website as well.  Depending upon your budget, some of the more common promotional products include pens, Post-it notes, mugs, golf balls, rubber stress balls, tee shirts and computer bags.  For more information, visit various promotional product websites.

For those more dynamic companies, interactive marketing can produce large ROI’s.  Otherwise, some of the more popular marketing tactics today still include mailers, TV and radio advertisements as well as those on bulletin boards.  Some local IT staffing companies Boston even advertise on taxi cabs.

Whatever the size, manpower or budget of your technical recruiting firm, there are an unlimited amount of initiatives that you can tackle with virtually no cost.  If you want to have a company that others know by name, it takes time…and effort.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail – Just Learn From It

I found myself at a crossroads just over 7 years ago.  I wasn’t happy with my current employer (one of the leading IT recruiting firms); yet I knew I could succeed in the IT staffing industry.  Therefore, I gave my notice and started my own IT recruiting agency called AVID Technical Resources.

Whether you’re starting your own IT staffing companies, relocating for a new IT job or starting a new career, risks are part of life.  If you don’t take them, you may find that other people, who are willing to, may pass you by.

Don’t fear failure.  “The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”  To me, this quote sums it up.  To those who are so afraid to fail that they pass up an opportunity to take a chance, then they have actually failed without even trying.  Know that everybody fails at something.  It’s learning from the failure that is important and persevering.

Look at one of the greatest, most influential man in US history:

  • 1831 – Lost his job
  • 1832 – Defeated in run for State Legislature
  • 1833 – Failed in business
  • 1836 – Had nervous breakdown
  • 1838 – Defeated in run for House Speaker
  • 1843 – Defeated in run for nomination for U.S. Congress
  • 1848 – Lost re-nomination
  • 1849 – Rejected for land officer position
  • 1854 – Defeated in run for U.S. Senate
  • 1856 – Defeated in run for nomination for Vice President
  • 1858 – Again defeated in run for U.S. Senate

1860 – Elected the 16th President of the United States

IT Staffing – a Very Competitive Industry

The world of IT staffing is a highly competitive industry. IT recruiting agencies race to the best candidates and are constantly battling for the very best high-tech resources.  It often comes down to which IT recruiter calls or emails the respective candidate first.  Because of that, the most successful IT recruiters typically start their day early and end pretty late (and checking their Blackberrys in between).

One of the misconceptions that both candidates and clients have with IT recruiting firms is that they have a “bench” full of resources who are ready to go.  Although IT recruiters are on the phones with prospective candidates all day long, this is actually a reactive industry.  Because there are so many different technologies and nuances to each skill set, IT staffing firms typically receive a requirement before they begin their search for candidates.  Once they have the detailed IT job specs, then the IT recruiting agency will jump on an immediate search.

Communication is critical in any successful IT job placement.  Candidates must be honest with IT recruiters, and in return, the IT recruiters must be honest with the candidates.  If he/she has already applied for the position at hand, then that must be made clear.  If the candidate does not fit the requirements or ultimately will not be submitted for the IT job, then that must also be communicated.  Open, honest dialogue is important to every successful IT job placement.

Similarly, clients and IT staffing agencies need to have the same relationship.  IT recruiting firms need to communicate whether the candidates they submit are close to accepting any other offers.  Therefore, the client knows how quick they need to move.  By managing the “client’s expectations,” there is no excuse if they lose the candidate to another opportunity because they dragged their feet.  Likewise, clients need to “manage the expectations” of the IT recruiting firm when they call out an IT job order.  They need to communicate how quick they’re looking to interview, and subsequently hire, the resource.  By doing this, the IT recruiter can properly work with candidates to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Social Media: Essential Tool in the IT Job Search

Given the current economic climate, it is important for job seekers to utilize all available resources in their search. The advent of social media has changed the name of the game, making information easily accessible through various mediums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  IT Recruiters use these networking sites to get the word out about available IT jobs.

IT staffing agencies like AVID Technical Resources rely on these resources to alert potential candidates about new opportunities. As soon as a job is posted to our site, it automatically gets linked to social media. Because IT recruiting firms see countless scores of resumes, it is important to remain aware of every new possibility. Constantly checking for updates can make the difference in getting your resume in the right hands.

IT recruiting companies attack each search thoroughly and swiftly. IT recruiters often submit candidates within hours of acquiring fresh IT jobs. Client companies rely on IT staffing firms to get the job done right and fast. If you apply for a job posted a month ago, chances are it’s been filled. Remaining proactive is essential. The quicker you submit your resume, the likelier it is you’ll beat out the competition. Depending on the scope of the project, IT recruiters might be working on a position that is extremely time sensitive.

Engaging in various forms of social media might just be the quickest way to alert yourself about new opportunities. It’s as easy as checking a Facebook or Twitter status on your cell phone and could make the difference in your career. IT recruiting agencies understand the importance of these tools and use networking sites to cast their net far and wide.

Let’s face it – our culture has evolved. Information travels faster than you can imagine, much attributed to the popularity of these different mediums. One thing that remains true, however, is that the early bird does in fact get the worm.   Contact an IT recruiter at AVID Technical Resources to jump start your Information Technology career.

Networking – The Key to Any IT Job Search

Ask any IT recruiter, the most important element to any job search is simply networking.   Whether you utilize IT recruiting agencies or the multitude of free sites available on the internet (such as LinkedIn), networking is by far the best means to finding IT jobs.

Utilize IT recruiters first:
Contacting IT staffing agencies should always be your first call.  IT recruiters have a vast network of clients, therefore, with one call you can tap into dozens and dozens of local IT jobs.  The more IT recruiting companies you reach out to, obviously equates to better and better odds.

Talk to as many IT recruiters as possible across numerous IT staffing agencies.  Meet with the IT recruiting firms, then find a handful of IT recruiters that you connect with and/or trust.  Build a relationship with those IT recruiters, and most importantly, stay in touch with them.  If you do this, you’ll have numerous IT recruiting firms working for you as you tackle your next networking initiative:  social media.

Social Media:
The advent of social media has transformed the IT recruiting industry.  It’s now easier than ever to network and foster relationships that will help you get a foot in the door.  Utilize LinkedIn.  This is one of the most powerful networking sites that IT recruiting companies utilize.  Connect with friends, former co-workers or even people who work internal within that dream company you’ve had your eye on for years.  Tap into these IT resources, then see who they know.  This is networking 101.

Networking Groups:
It might sound obvious, but networking groups are an excellent means to build relationships.  However, they’re probably one of the most under-utilized sources.  The point of the networking group is quite simple.  People are there to network.  Therefore, everyone has a purpose and each person should go out of their way to help one another out.  Reciprocity is imperative.  Some of the better networking groups actually provide “homework” for the participants.  If you’re tasked with finding the contact information for a specific IT manager for the person next to you, then you’re expected to show up at the next event with a name and number.  The same holds true in return.  Outside of utilizing IT staffing agencies, networking groups can drastically improve your chances of landing that next IT job.

Word of Mouth:
Good old fashioned networking starts by simply talking to people.  Remember how to do this?!  In a world of computers, email and text messaging, one of the best ways to network is simply just talking to people.  Get to know people in your every day life.  If you’re active, talk to people in your teams or different groups.  Talk to the person next to you in line, on the train, at a game or even in the elevator.  You never know.  The main point is simple:  get the word out there.

After reading this blog, then you know where you need to start.  Contact one of our IT recruiters at AVID Technical Resources and jump start your career.

Save Yourself Time And Consider An IT Recruiting Agency

Regardless of your industry (finance, legal, healthcare, etc), it is challenging to find the right employees. Resumes can’t speak to an individual’s personality and can sometimes be technically misleading.

It’s an understatement to suggest IT managers are busy.  They’re the hub of your company, and they are expected to manage a team of IT professionals, as well as propose and carry out new projects that are on a tight deadline.  And in this economy, they are expected to do more with less.

There often aren’t enough hours in the day when you add hiring to their responsibilities.  Their time is better spent focusing on the information technology initiatives that make your company advance in today’s competitive market.

This is where finding the right IT recruiting agencies comes in.  IT recruiting agencies have the IT staffing knowledge necessary to provide your company with the perfect match that can save you time and money when you need to make your next IT project a success.  AVID Technical Resources is that IT recruiting agency and we are here and ready to help.

The Benefits of A Dedicated IT Recruiting Agency

IT recruiters know their candidates and know how to find that one perfect candidate for your company.  Through a series of assessments and personal conversations, well-rounded IT recruiters knows how to gather and translate information into meaningful IT staffing solutions.

True to form, IT recruiters are inquisitive.  The more they know about the entire scope of your company, from your company’s trends to its goals, the better equipped they are to sell your company to individuals who could have easily become buried in your overwhelming pile of resumes.

Focus on what matters the most—your upcoming IT projects.  Let your IT recruiting firms handle the details of making that project a success.  Trust in their experience and knowledge of matching qualified candidates to a multitude of industries.

From one position to multiple positions, temporary or permanent, local or national, qualified candidates are at the fingertips of your IT recruiting agency.  They will assist you through every facet of the hiring process, saving you time, effort, resources, and money.

IT recruiting agencies like AVID Technical Resources have a team of professionals that understand the art of hiring.  Working within a number of different industries, they understand how to gather critical data in order to comprehend the scope of any IT project.  They can be your most valuable asset as your go-between in a highly competitive and evolving market.

The popularity of IT recruiting agencies is on the rise, and for good reason.  Find out how IT recruiters can become your next best asset and possibly even good friend.  Allow us to do what we do best—find the talent and deliver the best.  Your next IT project can start tomorrow, or it can start after you have sifted through your pile of resumes and scheduled a countless number of interviews.  The choice is yours.

Don’t let your next open position turn into a worry and headache.  With the right IT recruiting agency, you have access to resources that will make your task a lot easier.  AVID Technical Resources is that IT recruiting agency.  Contact us today:  www.avidtr.com.