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How to keep your IT job search on track

Looking for an IT job is a daunting task.  You are constantly worried about finding an IT job description that you fit and making sure you have the qualifications.  It isn’t easy and there are many distractions.

Here are a few tips from our IT recruiters about find a job in the Information Technology Industry:

1. Keep track of the IT jobs


When searching through different websites you will end up applying to the same IT job if they appear in different search engines.  Therefore, be sure to keep track to each that you apply to.

2. Don’t Double Submit

If you’re working with various IT staffing agencies, communicate what IT jobs you have applied to so they don’t double submit your resume.  This looks bad for everyone.

3. Organize your IT job searching time

Throughout your entire search, IT recruiters suggest allotting a certain amount of time to each task.  You should divide it up in searching for IT jobs, applying to the IT jobs, and preparing documents for applications and submissions.  If you do not divvy up your free time, then you might spend too much time on one task.

4. Follow up

Keep a spreadsheet of all the IT jobs that you applied to, then mark the date.  Follow up with the contact person once a week with a call or an email.  If you’re utilizing an IT recruitment firm, then follow up with your respective IT recruiter.  Hint, if you don’t have a contact person’s name, try to find a profile on Linkedin.

We hope these tips help you find that ideal IT job.  If you need more help in your IT job search, call an IT staffing agency such as AVID Technical Resources.  They’ll put you in touch with a qualified IT recruiter to assist with your search and set you on the right path.