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The Importance of Providing Incentives for IT recruiters

I’m a firm believer that everyone should be tied to an incentive in the work place.  At AVID Technical Resources, an IT recruiting company headquartered in Boston, MA, our technical recruiters and IT staffing salespeople all have an aggressive commission plan.  The plan is tiered to fuel their incentive and ensure there’s not a chance for complacency.  If there’s one thing that I’ve learned owning an IT recruitment company is that complacency kills your potential for growth.

Outside of our commission plan, we also provide other incentives.  While some are monetary (quarterly contests and additional annual bonuses), others are simply meant to help mentally recharge our team’s batteries.  Throughout the summer, we have weekly incentives that result in closing the office early on Fridays to enjoy the weather.  We have an office goal, and then celebrate the victory upon achieving it.  The rewards range from tickets to sporting events to booze cruises on the Boston Harbor.  We have office plaques, trophies and a board that ranks employee production that recognizes top IT staffing performers among their peers.

In addition to our IT recruiters Boston and salespeople, our technical recruiting manager has an incentive based on the company’s growth and revenue.  Same holds true for our IT staffing sales manager.  Our customer support representative is also bonuses based on a component of her job.

Therefore, regardless of the role, AVID Technical Resources provides incentives to push each of our employees to continue to strive for excellence.  This is what has helped fuel our growth over the years(earning us a spot on the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing private companies) and what will help catapult us in the future.  Our incentive programs will be the vehicle that helps our company leapfrog other IT recruiting firms – many of which that are stunted by complacency.

Non-Competition Agreements in the IT Staffing Industry

Non-competition agreements are a common requirement in the technical recruiting industry in order to protect the interests of the IT staffing companies.  However, do some go too far and actually prohibit IT recruiters from making a living?  The answer lies in the details of each and every situation.  Let’s explore the perspective from both sides:

From the perspective of IT recruiting companies:

Technical staffing firms have the right to protect their interests and proprietary information.  Even if the IT staffing salesperson fostered the relationships for the technical recruiting firm, they still used the company’s means to contact them (phone, computer).  In addition, they were also compensated for doing so (whether hourly or salary, bonuses or commissions) and likely even reimbursed for any expenses incurred with developing the bond with the IT manager (meals, gas, mileage).

The IT staffing agency likely provided back office support (payroll, invoices) as well as additional help throughout the business relationship (management advice, IT recruiting support, etc).  Therefore, to say that the employee has the right to take this business with them after they leave isn’t entirely fair.

From the perspective of technical recruiters and/or IT staffing salespeople:

Although the IT recruitment company may have provided the employee the resources to help identify, then foster the business relationships, the technical recruiters or IT staffing salespeople were the ones who put in the hard work to earn the business of the client.  Subsequently, most hiring managers would work with the IT recruiter again no matter where they went.  Therefore, hiring managers typically have an allegiance with the employee, not the IT staffing company.

To summarize the non-competition agreement debate, based on the perspectives described above, both sides have valid points and a strong points of view. However, the answer lies with how each employee handles their departure.  First, whether he or she is honest with where they’re going to work in their next job.  Second, whether the technical recruiter or IT staffing salesperson turns around and contacts each of their existing clients immediately after they leave.  Third, whether he or she bad mouths their former employer and finally whether the IT recruiter or staffing salesperson attempts to lure other employees with them.

Hiring from the best of the best

As a hiring manger, you want to choose an IT professional from a highly skilled pool of candidates.  Although nobody wants to settle, most IT managers don’t have time to interview, never mind sort through, dozens of resumes.  Therefore, the best option is turning to an IT recruiting agency that already has connections to prospective candidates with the skills you need.  Let the IT recruitment firms take the time to sort through resumes.  Let the IT staffing companies conduct dozens of phone screens to narrow your search to the best one or two IT resources.

Our IT recruiters add numerous information technology professionals to our database on a daily basis.  We build relationships with them from day one and contact each whenever there is a position that is a potential fit.  So next time an IT job opens up, focus on what you do best, and let an IT staffing firm focus on what they do best.

Why most people do not think of using an IT staffing agency?

Many IT recruiters may think that job seekers would naturally choose to work with IT recruiting firms when looking for new IT jobs.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Most people do not know how IT staffing companies work.  The worst part is that they think that they would need to pay a fee!

IT recruitment companies collect their fees from the clients.  In a permanent placement scenario, IT staffing firms typically charge the client anywhere from 15-25% of the candidate’s first year annual salary.  In a contract IT staffing situation, IT recruiting agencies will pay the consultant their market rate, then bill the client a higher amount.  Minus overhead costs (which can be significant), the difference/margin is how the IT recruiting firms make their money.

Therefore, there is no cost to you, the IT job seeker.  Utilize as many IT staffing companies and IT recruiters as you feel comfortable with.  It will only provide you with additional resources to help you land that next IT job.

Contract IT Job Positions

Most job seekers are looking for permanent position in the Information Technology industry.  However, contract IT staffing is a widely popular alternative that could also lead you to a full-time opportunity.  Additionally, in this economy, contract IT jobs provide you with that ever-important foot in the door.

There are many benefits to working a contract IT job. First, from the client’s perspective (or IT staffing firm), they can get a look at your work ethic and how well you mesh with the company.  Conversely, from the candidate’s side, they can get a taste of the company to see if it is an environment where they would like to work.  Second, contract IT job opportunities typically pay higher than full time positions.  (Additionally, consultants are paid for every hour they work whereas permanent employees are typically salaried).

Another upside of choosing a contract IT job is that it gives you flexibility to move around from one company to another.  Utilize IT recruiting companies to help open up additional opportunities.  Also if you have plans to travel, you know that after a certain time period you will be finished with your contract IT job and can enjoy your time off.

If you are curious about what kind of position you are looking for, then contact an IT recruitment company like AVID Technical Resources.  Our IT recruiters are always willing to lend you a hand.

Finding a Job in the Recession

Recent reports have concluded that the US recession will continue until 2011.  Therefore, how are we going to get IT jobs for all those unemployed workers in the US? One option that seems to be working for many is turning to IT recruiting agencies.

As an IT recruiter for an IT Staffing Company, you will hear about new IT job positions that need to be filled.  Most of our clients will turn to an IT recruiting company for prospective candidates before advertising the position to the outside world.  They know that if they immediately post that job online, they will receive hundreds of resumes from job seekers.  Subsequently, the IT manager will have to dedicate hours to sorting through resumes.  Typically there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Instead, IT recruiters put in long hours and typically review hundreds of resumes for each position.  This is their job and their days are dedicated to doing such. Additionally, IT recruitment firms typically have robust databases of passive and active candidates that might not have responded to a client’s IT job posting.  This helps ensure the client is getting the best possible candidate for their position.

So next time you are looking for an IT job position or need to fill one, contact an IT Staffing Agency like AVID Technical Resources.

Helpful Tips On How To Choose An IT Recruitment Service

There are several factors you will want to keep in mind when choosing IT recruitment company to fill your hiring needs.  With a little bit of time on your part, you will be able to select the IT recruiting agency that has the talent, management skills, and real world solutions to make your next IT staffing initiative or project a success.

Do you submit timecards or generate invoices through an agency online portal?  Are there features that allow employees to sign up and utilize a password-protected feature?  AVID Technical Resources provides online resources that are safe, secure, and will also help make your job more efficient.

Does your IT recruitment company solely focus on filling IT jobs, or do they have a variety of careers and industries that they cater to?  Choosing an IT recruiting company that specifically has industry experience is critical towards understand your pains and project needs.

The size of the IT recruiting agency does matter.  While bigger is not always an accurate indication that the IT recruitment agency is better, company size does prove that they have shown the ability to identify and attract quality candidates.

Don’t be afraid to research prospective IT recruitment companies.  A simple search on Google should produce a lot of information for you to base your decision on.

One factor you will definitely want to know is how the recruiting company has evolved and changed with the changing economy and work force.  If the company has been doing business the same way for twenty years, then that is a sure sign they are not keeping up with the times.

However, one of the most important factors is establishing a relationship with the IT recruiters themselves.  You need to be confident that the IT recruitment company that you choose will not rest until your time sensitive or critical hiring needs are met.

You will be sharing a lot of personal information with your recruiting agent, so establishing a relationship is important.   The more your IT recruiters know about you, the better.  Remember: first impressions are key.

Bottom line: IT recruiting agencies are all different, so make sure you feel comfortable with your IT recruiters, the IT recruitment process and the IT recruiting companies that you chose.  We’re confident that you’ll find all this and more with AVID Technical Resources.