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The Importance of Customer Service in IT Staffing

IT recruiting companies need to separate themselves from the competition.  Outside of having the best IT recruiters and IT jobs, the best way for technical recruiting firms to do so it by providing excellent customer service.  This means treating candidates they way they would want to be treated in return.  IT staffing companies can treach their technical recruiters to go above and beyond by communicating, even overcommunicating, to candidates.  If a high-tech candidate interviews for an IT job, their respective IT recruiter should keep them as updated as they are with the feedback.  If a week passes and they don’t hear from the client, a simple call to the candidate saying they didn’t fall through the cracks or were forgotten.  The IT staffing agency is still trying to reach the hiring manager for feedback.

Additionally, IT recruiters Boston should return every call as well as every email from prospective IT job candidates (unless of course they receive an excessive amount of communication from one individual).

Lastly, after a placement is made, the relationship should not end.  Staying in touch with the information technology contractor and even going to their work facility to grab coffee or lunch are additional ways technical staffing companies can separate themselves from other IT recruiting firms.

All IT Staffing Companies Are Not Created Equal

If you’re an information technology professional, you know that there are a countless number of IT recruiting firms to choose from when you’re in need help of your next assignment.  Therefore, when searching for the best technical recruiting agency to partner with, consider some of the following as not all IT staffing companies are created equal:

1)  How long has the IT recruiting firm been in business?
– Was the company created after the recent economic recession or did they make it through the downturn?   Unfortunately, or fortunately, recessions typically weed out the weaker technical staffing companies and only the strong survive.

2)  How many IT recruiters and/or IT staffing offices does the company have?
– This would be a good indication of the size of the IT staffing agency, and potentially the attention that you’ll receive.

3)  Google the IT staffing firms and find out what clients and prospective IT job seekers have written about them.  In the information technology age, there are a number of ways to get feedback.

4)  Do the IT staffing comanies have a vertical industry niche that matches your background or a strong footprint with local companies that you’re interested in working for?