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Have a Good IT Recruiting Experience? Tell me about it…

Every technical recruiter knows word of mouth is the most powerful way of achieving fame in the IT staffing industry.  When you have an outstanding experience you typically tell friends or family, but what if your feedback could influence others?  Consumers are now utilizing social media platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter to sing their praises.


When technical recruiters work face to face with clients or over the phone, it might be difficult for the client to provide honest feedback.  Sites such as Google and Yelp allow the client to bluntly review their experience with IT recruiting firms without embarrassing or hurting anyone’s feelings.  The reviews are also a tangible piece of evaluation for technical staffing agencies, allowing them to acknowledge strengths and address weaknesses.

Take Pride

IT recruiters know they are doing a good job when consultants are buzzing about them.  These positive reviews will help drive traffic to sites of the IT staffing agencies.  Prospective clients may request to work with specific IT headhunters.  Try to not get upset if you do not have many reviews, as you should focus on quality versus quantity.

Address Problem

Yelp allows businesses to address customers’ complaints and concerns directly on its site.  The customer can then follow up with how the problem was fixed.  Technical recruiting firms can also use the site as a form of constructive feedback and pinpoint where they will need to refocus.

The best type of promotion is FREE so IT staffing firms should take advantage of this buzz marketing while they have this opportunity!