Technical Recruiters Warn: The Flu Season Approaches

As the temperature drops, fevers rise.  From October through the month of May, flu season raises its ugly head to spite IT recruiting offices throughout the Northeast.  When IT recruiters find they are the victim of the plague, should they be the office heroes or stay curled up in bed?  Here are some reasons why it is better to stay quarantined at home than in the office when a technical recruiter becomes ill.

Causes of Illness

Germs and viruses are incubated in colder weather as more people opt to stay indoors longer.  The air becomes stale and recycled.  Another reason illnesses are on the rise is because children are back in school.  Children are more weary of bacteria and easily spread their germs, bringing it home to their families as well.  Soon the whole household will be sick and will share it with fellow IT headhunters, wiping the IT staffing company.

Reasons People Come to Work Sick

Whether they are afraid of being reprimanded for their absence or hurting their chances of being promoted, some employees try to make it to technical recruiting companies under any condition.  With jobs being cut across the country as the recession continues, there are less replacements to cover workloads and cross train on projects.  Employees may avoid taking a sick day because they would prefer to use their PTO for vacation time, but which is more important: overall health or a day’s work of pay?

Reduced Productivity

An IT recruiter will not be the office hero if he is working at fifty percent of his healthy productivity level.  Soon he will be bringing other’s efficiency levels down with him whether from contagiousness or pure distraction.  If a recruiter must work while sick, he should offer to sift through resumes at home if possible and be available via phone or email.

Hiring managers would rather have happy and health employees than ones who miserably strain themselves while taking a toll not only on their physical health, but also their mental health.  If you are not feeling one hundred percent well or begin to feel sick, notify your supervisor in a timely manner and request a sick day.  IT staffing companies will thank you in advance!

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