Thanksgiving Travel Tips for IT Recruiters

What is there to not enjoy about Thanksgiving?  This holiday grants technical recruiters a day off from the IT staffing office to spend time with family and friends while enjoying plenty of food, parades, and football.  While travel conditions are not ideal as traffic congestion reaches its peak, here are some tips for the IT recruiter to not only enjoy his holiday, but also survive the journey to reach his Thanksgiving destination.

Car Planning

A majority of Thanksgiving travelers opt to drive when traveling.  Try to plan ahead by taking into account at least two hours of traffic if you must leave on Wednesday.  Leaving on Tuesday night and returning on Friday is bound to save you time as most travelers leave Wednesday and return on Sunday after a long weekend.

Living in New England, IT recruiters Boston cannot predict perfect weather conditions so ensure your wind shield wipers perform correctly and replace if necessary.  Check tire air pressure, oil, and the engine.  To save a few dollars, fill your gas tank early.  Worst case scenario, print back up directions in case your GPS is not cooperating to save a potential head ache later.

Air Line Planning

Avoid the long lines at the airport by checking in online and packing only essential items in a carryon bag.  Airline fees can add up for additional baggage, so consider shipping items if necessary.  Finally, plan to leave extra early to ensure you arrive at the airport on time and do not miss your flight.  Planes tend to be full so changing your flight may delay your trip further.

Staying at Home

If you are not the one doing the traveling, take a breather and rest a little easy.  Offer to help those who will be your guests with travel arrangements and make their visit as pleasant as possible.  Start preparing the meal early and use your IT recruiting skills to gather help so Thursday will not be as stressful.  Lastly, enjoy the leftovers and some Black Friday shopping!

Remember, not all IT recruiting companies and candidates have the Friday after Thanksgiving off.  IT headhunters should be ready and willing to make or take calls and concerns from their IT consultants.

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