Various Motivators to Consider When Looking at New IT Jobs

It seems simple, but the most important thing to know about a candidate’s current situation is their motivation to make a career move. Different things motivate different people and it’s important to understand the big picture so that you are able to partner with IT recruiters Boston to not just find your next IT job but the next move in your career.  Here is a list of the typical motivators that candidates should look at in their next contract or full-time opportunity:

  • Total Compensation

o        Does the IT staffing firm or client company offer matching 401k? Stock options? How long until you are fully vested? Does the company offer bonus potential and is it a variable or standard percentage? These are all things that add value to your base salary and can make a position with a lateral salary change more attractive.

  • Set Yourself up for Future Success

o        As many IT recruiters know, the value of high-tech professionals is largely predicated around their technical ability and/or knowledge of the hottest technologies.  Therefore, be sure to investigate whether your company has outdated technologies?  If they do, are they planning to upgrade?  Are they dynamic and are they willing to invest in information technology?

  • Benefits

o        Do you have a family and 100% medical care coverage important to you? Do you need dental insurance?  Is vision mandatory?  These are all important factors to consider when reviewing an overall package.

  • Location

o        Do you prefer to be in the city or would you rather an office park or the suburbs?  How far is the commute?  Most successful technical recruiters ask their candidates to imagine the same commute during Friday traffic, a rain or even snowstorm.  Run all variables through your mind so you don’t set yourself up for a big mistake.

  • Work/Life Balance

o        Are you a young professional that can work 60 hours a week? Have you “paid your dues” and want to work 8-5 and get home in time to coach little league? Would a free on-site gym or child care services be attractive to you as a candidate? Does the company offer flexible time or the ability to work remotely?  Different companies offer different benefits, it’s important to see a full benefits package before making a decision.

When you begin your IT job search, it’s best to establish what is motivating you overall. This paints an accurate picture of what to look for in your next role.

Money may not always be your main motivator. If you accept an opportunity based solely on compensation, you are more likely to leave that role soon or later once another opportunity for more money comes up.

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