Watching Out For New Computer Viruses

With so many technology advances, there are many ways to secure your devices.  At the same time though, many hackers are getting better at finding ways to access your private files.  Being a technical recruiter in the IT staffing industry, we know many of the Malware out there.

Here are a few things that even the best IT recruiters may not know about.  A new way that hackers are getting to you is through smishing.  This is when you are contacted through a text message with a link. The link allows the hacker to access any files on your phone (especially for people who are signed up for many phone alerts).  You may not realize it is a virus until it is too late.

Another mobile hacking technique is called bluebugging in which the hacker accesses your cellphone using Bluetooth.  They can then do various things such as editing information on the phone, keeping tabs on phone calls and access any personal information that you have stored on your phone such as your address book.  The biggest problem with this scam is that you will never know it is happening.

Hackers also created a new hacking technique called ransomware.  The virus basically slows down your computer and fills it with pop ups basically disabling your computer and making it useless.  This happens to our IT recruiters Boston on a monthly basis.  Hackers disguise their virus in a resume attachment.  Technical Recruiters are obviously always going to open a resume attachment, so it’s a sure way for hackers to disable their computer.

Therefore, the next time your computer acts strange or a piece of information goes missing, you may have been hacked.  Computer hackers cost businesses millions of dollars each year, never mind the additional expenses incurred with purchasing hardware and software security their networks.  This not only hurts our nation’s economy, it ultimately stunts job growth.  Therefore, I’m sure I’m not alone in pushing the government to create stricter penalties for computer hackers (personally, I’d follow the rules of China and remove fingers as a penalty.  This would certainly cut down on the number of hackers ripping through our security systems).

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