What Workspace Says About Technical Recruiters

Take a glimpse at the desks of IT recruiters.  Is there paperwork and clutter filling every inch, or is it neatly organized with all files properly labeled and in order?  Some believe workspace does not reflect the quality of one’s work, while others feel there is a direct correlation.  Next time a technical recruiter sits at his desk, he should use these cues to see which vibes he is sending others.

Come on over!

Choosing to adorn a desk with pictures of friends, family, or hobbies, candy dishes, and plants are excellent conversation pieces.  These items show one wishes to personalize his space, make his work environment more comfortable and thus improve his mood and productivity.  An IT recruiter can also network with those who share his interests.  When a candy tray is refilled or a new picture hung, take note of those who stop by more often to have a quick chat.

I’m strictly business…

IT recruiting agencies who do not decorate their workspace are viewed as serious workers.  They prefer to keep business and personal lives separate and focus on work in the office.  If their work area is organized, they might have more time on their hands or think more clearly in these conditions.

Multitasker versus Disaster

Everyone has experienced or seen a messy cubicle.  There are food wrappers, crumpled papers, and documents littered everywhere.  At first glance, one might think these IT headhunters are slobs and can hardly function in these conditions.  Disorganization and messiness are generally red flags that a person’s thoughts are not in order.  Co-workers may fear projects with this person or not trust them handling their material.

However, consider that these messy employees may be a multitaskers who prefers to keep all projects open and in view.  They could have a systematic approach to dealing with multiple tasks, which is not clear to the outside viewer.  These messy desk dwellers just might be the most productive employees in IT staffing firms.

These characteristics will not always apply to all or any employees within IT staffing agencies.  Whether messy, organized, or personalized, it is important to maintain a profession work space.  Keep work areas tidy for hygiene purposes and non-distracting or offensive in respect to neighbors.  Before decorating, always check with management to see what is considered acceptable.

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