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Benefit #1: Proven Success

Most IT staffing agencies will promise results, but do they have the proven track record to back it up? At AVID we have grown at an astounding rate over the years by making long-term, sound placements. This tremendous growth has triggered numerous Awards & Recognition, including being named three times to the prestigious Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest growing private companies in the U.S.

Sticking with numbers, AVID has a 90% successful placement ratio with our clients. Due to our stringent IT recruiting methods and careful screening, we have lower contractor attrition rates than our competition.

Benefit #2: Candidate and Client Reviews

AVID Technical Resources has not only been recognized by local and national business and staffing organizations, but also by its most important critics: satisfied clients and candidates. Check out our 100 plus five-star Google reviews here or take a look at the stellar Glassdoor reviews we’ve received thus far. Feel free to add your own accolades, too if you are satisfied with your experience working with AVID!

Benefit #3: We’re IT Recruiting Specialists

Our value to high-tech clients is that we’re knowledgeable and specialized in your industry. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t focus on any other recruiting industries. Rather, we remain specialized in IT so we can stay on top of the latest trends and technologies.

Benefit #4: Qualified Candidates

AVID has hundreds of thousands of resumes in our database, meaning we have qualified candidates at our fingertips. Our dedicated screening process helps us match skill sets and personalities with the right technical position and company. Before submitting any candidate, we often meet with the IT job seeker to make sure they pass all of our tests and qualify as someone we’d feel confident attaching the AVID name to. We also thoroughly check references and have the ability to conduct a drug and/or background check per a client’s request.

With each position, our salespeople find out every detail from the client’s technologies and environments down to the company’s culture and even dress code. At AVID, we’re not just matching skill-sets, we’re matching people. Finding the right technical fit for an IT staffing position is important. However, finding the right technical person, who also fits into your company’s culture and environment, is the most important ingredient to any successful placement.

Benefit #5: Strong Relationships

AVID’s senior management team has a combined total of almost 3 decades in the local IT staffing and recruiting industry. As a result, relationships have been fostered and strengthened over the years. To the prospective client, this means a tighter bond with our candidates, and thus, lower attrition rates. These relationships also foster numerous referrals, many of which aren’t the active seekers on numerous job boards. To the prospective IT job seeker, this translates into getting that critical first interview, or the ever-important “foot in the door.”

Benefit #6: Back-office Payroll and Billing

AVID has a very secure and efficient contractor payroll and client billing system. In fact, over the years, AVID’s contractor payroll system has reached a 95% error-free mark. We go through multiple quality checks each week before any paycheck is mailed out or deposited to ensure complete accuracy.

AVID’s billing system can be customized to each client’s Accounts Payable systems. We can list all IT contractors on one simple invoice along with the corresponding timecards to back up their billable hours or we can send each individually. These can be mailed or emailed directly to the appropriate person and can be sent on a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis.

At AVID, we pride ourselves on being scalable to meet our client’s needs.

Benefit #7: Contractor Benefits

AVID Technical Resources has the ability to attract and maintain the best IT contractors in the industry by reinvesting thousands of dollars each year back into benefits for our consultants. Each consultant on our payroll is paid on a weekly basis and provided the chance to receive their check via direct deposit or by mail. Our contractors are eligible to obtain health and dental insurance and can choose from a number of different options that works best for his/her situation and budget. These deductions are also withheld from the consultant’s paycheck on a pre-tax basis. AVID IT consultants are also eligible for AVID’s 401k retirement plan through Fidelity Investments after a short waiting period. Additional incentives may include paid holiday and vacation time off, referral bonuses and project completion bonuses..

These are very important advantages with AVID Technical Resources from both the consultant’s perspective and a client company’s as a happy employee makes for a productive employee.

Benefit #8: Personal Attention

Our philosophy is simple; provide the best customer service possible to distinguish us in the IT staffing industry. To ensure this, while eliminating any confusion with multiple contacts, AVID has a policy called “Customer Dedication” where we assign one salesperson to every client and one IT recruiter to each candidate to ensure a single point of contact.

Our clients have found that their point of contact not only gets to know them, but their group and the company culture as well. Matching skill sets are important, but matching the right people with the right environments is also critical to any successful placement.

Our prospective candidates have also found a higher placement rate with our dedicated recruiting process. By assigning an IT recruiter to each candidate, strong bonds are formed and relationships strengthened. Subsequently, each recruiter acts more like a candidate’s agent in helping to focus on their IT job search.

Benefit #9: Work Ethic

There are numerous IT staffing agencies out there who will promise to fill your needs or find you the perfect IT job. However, who is truly going to work hard for you and always keep your best interests in mind? At AVID, we pride ourselves in our work ethic, as this is what has fueled our success. Our IT recruiters and salespeople service our clients and candidates with our utmost sense of urgency because our success is directly tied to your satisfaction.

Benefit #10: Our Employees

One of the most important advantages of utilizing AVID for your IT recruiting needs or find that next IT job is simply our people. AVID’s culture is founded upon hard work and dedication. Every IT recruiter and each salesperson is accessible around the clock. We’re here to work for you, our client managers and our prospective candidates.