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Manager of Branch Sales (MBS)

Manager of Branch Sales (MBS)

AVID Technical Resources provides career opportunities for all of our employees.  Every Senior Account Manager or Strategic Account Manager who works hard and produces will be eligible to become a Manager of Branch Sales (MBS).  With the promotion, comes an increase in base salary and additional responsibilities.  As a Manager of Branch Sales, you’re responsible for the following duties/responsibilities:

  •  Identify, interview, and hire additional salespeople and office personnel.
  • Supervise salespeople and provide feedback relating to job performance.
  • Make recommendations regarding Account Manager promotion, discipline, and discharge.
  • Lead Account Manager review processes and discipline/discharge meetings.
  • Train new sales hires.
  • Mentor & develop salespeople
  • Work closely with junior salespeople and/or any salesperson not hitting his or her goals.
  • Use discretion to convene and conduct sales meetings.
  • Work with salespeople to determine their target accounts and help formulate a game plan.
  • Accompany salespeople on client meetings as frequently as possible.
  • Ensure all client meetings are documented in the Bullhorn company calendar.
  • Know salespeople’s schedules and whom they are meeting with throughout each day.
  • Ensure every salesperson is utilizing AVID’s CRM/ATS to its fullest potential.
  • Utilize technologies to put together metrics and reports.
  • Ensure salespeople are being following up with every recruiter lead and each is entered into the database.
  • Ensure all salespeople meet and maintain the high activity (phone calls, client meetings, client lunches, out of office and networking events) that is required of them.
  • Identify and recommend new business opportunities for AVID.
  • Help organize and track the business pipeline with all salespeople.
  • Urge recruiters to provide salespeople with candidate resumes to bring to client meetings.
  • Help bridge the gap between sales and recruiting teams.
  • Communicate the sense of urgency to employees to do what it takes to get the job done.
  • Hit a minimum of 2 AVID Technical Resources annual revenue “contests.”
  • Mentor and train junior Account Managers or any salespeople not hitting their revenue goals.
  • Lead by example and make cold calls with salespeople whenever possible.
  • Identify and select target accounts using discretion regarding how to best generate leads.
  • Work under tight time frames and hard deadlines while meeting and exceeding activity and production goals.
  • Hit individual goals as outlined by management.
  • Work to help office hit revenue goals as outlined by management.
  • Develop and implement strategic plans in order to solidify long-term business relationships and partnerships with clients.
  • Use judgment to determine how to best increase market share by prospecting, pursuing, and closing new business.
  • Generate client prospect list.
  • Maintain relationships with any existing clients.
  • Develop methods to effectively seek new avenues to penetrate clients.
  • Identify, build and maintain relationships with key decision makers and managers at targeted accounts.
  • Help create best practices and identify areas of improvement for the company.
  • Identify prospective clients and new business opportunities for the Boston office.
  • Develop and implement strategic plans in order to solidify long-term business relationships and partnerships with clients.
  • Other duties as may be assigned by AVID’s Principals.

AVID (Applications, Voice, Internet, Data) Technical Resources is a contract and permanent IT recruiting company. Headquartered in Boston, AVID specializes in placing information technology professionals with either an Infrastructure Support or Applications Development background.

Since our inception in 2003, AVID has grown to be among the leading IT recruiting firms in the area.  This explosive growth has led to a number of awards and recognition.  Inc. Magazine recently ranked AVID one of the Fastest Growing Privately-Held Companies in the US.  Forbes Magazine listed AVID as one of the Leading IT Staffing Agencies in the Northeast and the Boston Business Journal named AVID Technical Resources the 7th Fastest Growing Privately-held Company in Massachusetts.

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