IT Recruitment Process

AVID’s methodology is proven and efficient.  We’ve used this thorough recruitment process since 2003 to place thousands of contractors in jobs around the country:

Meeting with Client to see work environment and learn company culture

  • One AVID Point of Contact
  • Fewer Resumes – More Accuracy

Gather IT Job Requirements

  • Identify Interview Availability

IT Recruitment Process

  • 2 Reference Checks
  • Internal Candidate Interview

Meeting with client:

We understand that every client has their own unique job requirements and  company culture. Your AVID point of contact will not only get to know you and your company’s technical environment, but your team and corporate culture.  We’re not just matching skill sets, we’re matching people. We’ll find the right technical and cultural fit for your open position. To accomplish this, AVID salespeople make sure we meet with you and your team, as well as see your environment first-hand.

One Point of Contact

At AVID, we know how limited your time can be during the hectic workday. We make sure to provide one easily-reachable point of contact to help expedite the IT job placement process. Although we put the full force of our recruiting team behind your open IT jobs, you’ll only have to keep track of one simple, dedicated point of contact.

Fewer Resumes – More Accuracy

AVID will not inundate you with unqualified candidates who are a shoddy fit for your positions.  We sort through resumes to provide you with fewer, more accurate candidates than the other staffing agencies in our industry.  You can spend less time reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates who aren’t a fit.

Gather IT Job Requirements

Your AVID staffing representative will take the time to thoroughly review your IT job opening with you. We ask specifics that we know our IT job seekers will ask us: What are the hours? Is there opportunity for overtime? What is the dress code?  Most importantly, throughout the job requirement gathering process, we listen to you. Tell us what technologies or background you’d prefer a person to have experience with, then tell us what they must have to do the job. We’ll work hard to find both.

Identify Interview Availability

Finding an interview time that works for both the client and job seeker can be difficult.  We take care of that for you and expedite the hiring process to avoid any setbacks.

IT Recruitment Process

Your AVID representative will initiate a meeting with our recruiting team and spearhead the search effort. We will tap into our robust database of information technology professionals, access all the resume boards and post the position on the many IT job sites that we pay for annually. We also constantly network and dig for referrals to find that perfect match for your IT job opening.

2 Reference Checks

Once our technical recruiters successfully identify a qualified candidate, two references are thoroughly checked.  We do this because we think it’s imperative to ensure we’re providing our clients with proven IT professionals who are not only technically sound, but also reliable and trustworthy. The references must come from a former manager who oversaw their work and can speak in-depth about their ability. No personal references or peers are permitted.

Internal Candidate Interview

AVID’s culture is built upon developing strong and long-lasting personal relationships.  We want to know a candidate well.  We want to be able to personally vouch for them and find a job where they can succeed and fit well into the corporate culture.  Before a resume is sent to a client, our IT recruiters often go out of their way to meet most candidates. If  we can’t meet then in person, we at least make sure to get to know them well over the phone.

Candidate Submittal

With every submittal, you will receive a clean copy of the candidate’s resume. In addition, we provide a general overview highlighting their skills, where he/she currently lives, why he/she is looking to leave (or have left) their most recent position, and his/her ability to interview and even start work. This meticulous approach helps further define each candidate to ensure the hiring manager has an in-depth understanding of the IT job seeker.

Coordinate Phone or Personal Interview

Upon receiving a qualified resume of an IT contract or permanent candidate, an AVID salesperson will work with you to set up a personal interview based upon your schedule.  We handle all of the coordination for this part of the process as quickly as possible. To further differentiate us from other staffing agencies in our industry, somebody from AVID will often walk the candidate into the interview.

Client Feedback

We ask each of our candidates to call us immediately after their interviews. We use this feedback to help us gauge the candidate’s interest in your opportunity and we relay that directly to you.

Start Date

We make sure we know the client’s preferred start date and coordinate that with any candidates we submit.  By the time a hiring manager is ready to make an offer, we can often a get a candidate to start at an ideal date so they hit the ground running ASAP.

Drug Testing and/or Background Check

Upon a client’s request, AVID Technical Resources can conduct a drug test and/or full background checks on every contract or permanent employee before he or she starts work.