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IT Recruiting FAQs

Q. Is there a fee that job seekers pay AVID for their services?

A. AVID does not charge our candidates for a fee for any of our services. In a contract IT staffing scenario, AVID will pay the respective consultant their desired hourly rate, and then negotiate a bill rate with our client. With any permanent placement, our client is responsible for paying AVID a percentage of the candidate’s annual first year salary as the placement fee.

Q. How does AVID determine my hourly rate with a contract position?

A. There are many factors that are taken into account when determining an IT contractor’s hourly rate. First, what did he or she make in their last position? The rate may further be increased or decreased depending upon the duration of the assignment. Second, the client’s budget for this position must be analyzed to determine how much flexibility AVID will have in our rates. Final factors include job responsibilities and other variables such as travel.

Q. How often are the IT job postings on AVID’s website updated?

A. AVID’s website is simultaneously updated the minute we enter a new IT job into our database. Therefore, every position listed on our website is up to date. In addition, candidates can utilize our “Automatic Email IT Job Alert” feature on our website. This program allows the job seeker to create a notification that will automatically send out an email the minute a job is entered in our database based upon key words that he or she enters.

Q. Does AVID provide health benefits with contract positions?

A. Yes, our IT contractors can choose from a number of different health care programs that work best for your situation and budget. Every AVID consultant is eligible to obtain health and dental insurance and the deductions are even withheld from the consultant’s paycheck on a pre-tax basis. AVID Technical Resources reinvests thousands of dollars each year back into additional resources for our IT contractors. Each consultant on our payroll is paid on a weekly basis and provided the chance to receive their check via direct deposit or by mail. AVID consultants are eligible for AVID’s 401k retirement plan through Fidelity Investments after a waiting period.  Additional incentives may include paid holiday and vacation time off, referral bonuses and project completion bonuses.

Q. Which geographical areas can AVID Technical Resources provide IT contractors or full-time hires?

A. AVID Technical Resources is headquartered in Boston, MA. We have additional offices around the US. AVID also works with clients on a national basis and has the ability to place IT consultants or full-time employees anywhere in the country. In fact, AVID has successfully placed people in over 25 different states across the country.

Q. How can I get started working with AVID Technical Resources?

A. Call us directly and just ask to speak with one of our technical recruiters: 855-200-AVID. Otherwise, if you prefer email, send us your resume and jump-start your career: