Candidate Qualification Process In An IT Job Search

When looking for that perfect IT job, it may seem like there are endless obstacles in the way: being under/over-qualified, low salaries, long commutes, or you may find that there simply aren’t enough technical positions. These challenges can be mitigated by utilizing IT recruiting companies for your job search. IT recruiters know what their clients are looking for and how to make your resume stand out against the pile of papers the IT managers have to sort through. IT recruiters have the inside scoop on technical job listings that might not be open to the public yet. When navigating the job search process and determining if you are a qualified candidate, using an IT recruiter can be the best tool in your toolkit.

It’s no secret that looking for that perfect IT job is hard work. To land the position of your dreams, you need to be adamant about making sure you are putting your best resume forward, and then tailoring it to each position and respective technical environment where you are sending it. Looking for a job can sometimes feel like a full time job in itself, therefore it’s no wonder that people get tired when the search continues for weeks and even months. Candidates have to be unyielding when making sure their resume is up to par for each and every IT job they’re interested in. Complacency on the job search, like sending out one generic resume to all the positions you’re interested in, is a surefire way to turn off a potential employer. Your resume is your best shot at getting your foot in the door for that IT job you’ve been dreaming about. That piece of paper speaks volumes about a candidate, both positively and negatively. Therefore you don’t want your resume saying that you’re lazy and not up to the standards of the company. This is where using IT recruiters with you IT job search can help you stand out against the competition. They can review your resume and make sure it matches the position, giving you the best chance for success and helping separate you from the competition.

When navigating the IT job search, it’s important to be aware that employers aren’t going to cut corners when looking to fill their IT positions. They want someone qualified and willing to go the extra mile for their company. Having said that, you can tell a lot about a person by how they conduct their IT job search. Mass emailing a cover letter and resume, beginning them with “Dear Hiring Manager,” will really lose you points in the job search, and may even put that IT job of your dreams just out of your grasp. IT recruiters know how inadequate a generic resume can be – this is just one of the areas where having the technical recruiter on your side will better leverage you to score that IT job you’re looking for.

The content of your resume is what will pique the interest of a potential employer, but it’s something else on your resume that truly says a lot about you: your references. Maintaining a good relationship with past employers can give you that edge over the competition that may have burned past bridges or not leave on the best of terms. When trying to land that perfect IT job, it’s imperative to believe that your references will be checked (don’t listen to the statistics that say only half of references are ever actually called, plan and prepare for your references to be called every time). When trying to nail down that IT job of your dreams, assume that employers are going to cover all their bases, and this includes a phone call to your listed references – typically two. This is why it’s essential to not burn any bridges when transitioning from job to job. Obviously there are unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from having a good relationship with a past employer and listing them as a reference in your IT job search. Therefore, be strategic with you who chose and be sure the people can speak positively about the many facets of your personality that will complement the IT job that you’re interviewing for.

The next step in the candidate qualification process is making sure that the candidate is a good match for the position – both technically and from a personality perspective. Being qualified for the position and having the right skill set is vital, but there are other determinants that indicate whether or not someone would be a good fit for a job. Every company has its own culture, and it’s important to understand that while a candidate may have all the knowledge necessary to do a certain IT job well, they may not mesh well with the environment of the office. This is another instance when having a relationship with an IT recruiter at a technical staffing firm is helpful. Sitting down with the IT recruiter will help determine if a candidate is a good fit for a job. The IT headhunter should know the culture of the company and the type of personality that will excel there. After all the hard work that goes into finding that perfect job, you don’t want to end up at a company where you don’t like the atmosphere of your surroundings.

While looking for a new job can be at times frustrating and demanding, the payoff is being able to enjoy going to work every day. The process of determining if you are a good fit for a job can be overwhelming, which is why it’s a good idea to contact IT recruiting agencies Boston and get a few technical recruiters on your side. Their candidate qualification process can take you down the long road of perfecting resumes, reference checks and prepping for interviews. No one ever said that getting the IT job of your dreams was easy – but it’s definitely worth it once you have it!

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